SpeakFreely 8.8.21

Welcome to the First Addition of SpeakFreely, where we will examine topics and events center around challenges and triumphs for American Free Speech.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

The right of the people peaceable to assemble.  To most this means protesting, however given the context of the times, marches and protests weren’t a common. Protests really became popular within the modern times due to the ready access to the media.  So, if not protests, what was the first amendment protecting?

While protests are certain protected under the first amendment, history has shown they are rarely an effective way to influence Elected Officials and have virtually no impact on bureaucrats. The key that made protests effective were an independent press that would cover the event, interview the leaders or organizers, and members of the crowd. The much wider American and world audience would learn about the issues, and when the held concurrence would apply pressure to Government Officials for change. Today, now that we have an agenda driven media, most protest go un-reported unless they support the political narrative. Despite all the emotions and feelings these invoke, the motivation these events inspire usually dissipates by the next morning. The truth be told, tyrants care very little about protests, or even actively encourage them as a way for the masses to burn off their energy. For the would-be tyrants protest provide:

  • Exposes their opposition
    • Who
    • How many
    • How are they organized
  • Allows easy identification of primary threats, leaders and organizers.
  • Allows easy infiltration by agents.
  • Creates an easy opportunity to execute a Manufactured Event (ME) and blame it on the protesters such as we saw on Jan 6th.
  • Protests normally have no coordinated message and produce no effective outcomes.
  • Last, protestors burn off energy and get to feel like they contributed to the cause.

 However, there is one aspect of our 1st Amendment rights, granted by our creator, and protected by the US Constitution, that Tyrants fear. That is the right of assembly. Why? Because when people and communities assemble, they discuss things. They exchange ideas and develop plans. They reinforce the spirit of self-determination, and help each other to find courage for action. Assembly brings:

  • The ability to educate on complex subjects and grow membership.
  • Collective learning between members and groups.
  • Difficult for “Authority” to identify their existence.
  • Difficult for “Authority” locate and harder to infiltrate.
  • More difficult to discredit.
  • Great place for delivery of complex messages.
  • Connections of like-minded individuals and groups.
  • Development of creative solutions and coordinated actions.
  • Creation of hope for the future. 

All very wonderful things for the advancement of society and the human race. Very wonderful for the growth of the individual and family. However, would be tyrants very much understand that self-empowerment and self-determination are enemies to their power. As we saw during the recent start of the execution of the “Great Reset”, the self-proclaimed powers that be, engineered the following:

Silence the information – massive censorship.

Stop the communication – shut down dissenting voices.

Secure the narrative – by law, by force, by punishment.        

What these tyrannical actions failed to do was to stop assembly of the people.  As a result, information sharing and communications continued. As the facts in the events unfolded, the narrative started coming apart and those on the side of the Constitution saw their ranks swell.

Next time we are going to look at the historic power of Assemblies and how they can be used to force our leaders away from the march towards tyranny.   

Bob JonesFree Speech Coalition Chair

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