Kimberly Lowe

Kimberly Lowe


Full Name: Kimberly Lowe

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Office Sought: US Senate


Party Affiliation: Republican


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Structured Interview Request Sent: Initially completed 2022. Update requested.

Structured Interview Response and Date: Pending

Vetting Panel Selected: Pending

Structured Interview Completed: Pending


Director of Legislation for Global Family Alliance
Director of the Center for Court Reform and Justice
Chasing Freedom Family Board Chair
Family Resource Foundation Board Member
Right to Bear Arms Chapter Chair – SW VA
Brunswick County Litter Council
House of Delegates Candidate
Virginia Farmer, Mother to 3, Homeschool, Christian
Policy Advisor
6th generation Southwest Virginian

Made the top 1% out of the top 10% triathletes in the nation to take a place on TEAM USA and competed in London for Triathlon (swim, bike, run), Released three albums in 2017, rode dressage (equitation) in the Netherlands, Germany, and Brussels. Shoot at least once a week and promote 2A rights including reaching out to legislators.

NRA – National Rifle Association
NWTF – National Wild Turkey Federation
VCDL – Virginia Citizen’s Defense League
The Right to Bear Arms Virginia
HSLDA – Homeschool Legal Defense Association
U.S. Law Shield
Virginia Conservative Women’s Coalition
The Livestock Conservancy
Southeast Hemp Association

Why you? “Kimberly Lowe, a 6th generation Southwest Virginian was already helping in the community as much as possible and working on policy and legislation. She firmly believes most issues at the local level are non partisan and knows it takes everyone working together to improve the quality of life. Just in the last 12 months Kimberly Lowe has been able to get funding for special needs education, and work on funding for schools, fire/ems, and Sheriff’s Offices. With low healthcare accessibility and low area health outcomes, Kimberly started a mobile COVID-19 test clinic when testing wasn’t available and has worked on securing funding for mobile health clinics to try to increase health outcomes through early intervention. She’s worked on flood issues, worked as an intermediary between families, the State, and prisons during COVID outbreaks, and worked hand in hand with Mayors and State Offices. She’s also been working on creative solutions to bringing broadband to rural areas, and helps navigate families through family court and issues with the Department of Social Services/CPS. Further, she is also helping start a Domestic Violence Transitional Shelter which will serve to help individuals be self sufficient and partner with businesses for job training as well as provide economic guidance, professional counseling, childcare, housing, education, and employment assistance.”

“She plans on introducing a bill to help Veterans, a comprehensive bill to reform family court and child welfare, a bill to allow farmers to produce and sell locally without burdensome regulations, bills that will help consumers and survivors of domestic violence, and bills to ensure election integrity. Kimberly has worked with Virginia State University to find profitable crop solutions for farmers and is negotiating with investors to bring farm related manufacturing in the area to bring jobs. She knows not everything is a legislative solution so she has hired a grant writer to bring money into the area to close the gaps and improve the quality of everyone’s life. When she is not entrenched in the community and grassroots on the ground she enjoys her endangered breed of sheep and spending time with her family and horses. Kimberly will fight hard to create higher paying jobs, strengthen families, and protect your Constitutional rights.”

 What are your priorities? “Preservation of Constitutional Rights (2A to family court), Election Integrity, bringing jobs, farm deregulations so farmers can produce and sell locally rather than buying our meat from China, veterans issues, funding for fire/ems/sheriffs/police/libraries, addressing lower area health outcomes, economic diversification as coal declines to put something new in place”

Current Projects:

Working on river flooding issues with the Army Corps of Engineers, Navy, a County, and City, that is causing economic damage to farms and flooding parks.

Worked on rails to trails projects with various organizations including a Mayor, Senator, the Southside Planning District Commission, The Tobacco Region Revitalization Commission, VDOT, and the local rails to trails group.

Worked as an intermediary for families with family members in prison by working with the family and Virginia Department of Corrections during the COVID-19 outbreak to make sure families felt secure in any issues occurring inside prisons, to make sure prisoners needs were being met, and to ensure employees were safe, and enough employees available.

Started the first mobile COVID-19 test clinic in the 75th District in order to close the gap in early testing availability.

Acquired funding to start a mobile health clinic in order to address the area’s low health outcomes including the area’s high cancer rates and provide early diagnosis testing.

Been involved with hemp legislation early on and industrial hemp advocacy, education, and networking in order to ensure industrial hemp improves Virginia’s economy, helps the environment, brings jobs, and helps our farmers.

Helped secure funding for area police officers by working with local boards and Sheriffs.

Worked on funding solutions for area fire stations so fire stations can have the equipment needed to serve the community.

Worked on funding solutions for local libraries to ensure libraries receive federal funding for community programs.

Worked on negotiating funding for area schools.

Able to obtain funding that was being held from disabled students so they were able to continue receiving education during the COVID-19 pandemic by working with State offices, attorneys, schools, parents, and local boards.

Worked with mayors in the region on various projects to help and improve the communities.

Worked with legislators on the State and Federal level to create programs that will make families stronger including family court reform.
Created databases so families needing help have access to resources to address family issues including information on advocates and attorneys in each state and a free manual with information to guide families through the family court and issues with Child Protective Services.

Worked on building coalitions across the nation to work on legislation to reform family courts, child welfare, and child safety.

Worked on the Brunswick County Litter Council to ensure stewardship and respect for our local environment and to push for education for our youth in land stewardship.

Director of Legislation for Global Family Alliance/Family Alliance Network of Virginia dedicated to promoting early detection and intervention for current rising cultural concerns, preventing family crisis that cause at-risk youth, and developing strong, empowered families within the community through advocacy, education, research, and service.

Leading the nation in Civil Court Reforms and helps navigate families through family court, divorce, child custody, and issues with Child Protective Service with the goal of protecting children, protecting families, and reuniting families but protecting those affected by domestic abuse.

Working on bringing awareness to Domestic Violence and issues occurring in Family Court that are bringing harm to our children and families.
Working on starting an area Domestic Violence Shelter.

Working with some of the Nation’s Leading Domestic Violence experts in order to use data to push legislation to protect children.

Working on giving Guardian Ad Litems and Judges an easier path to deal with child custody while protecting the safety of children.

Working on maintaining genetic biodiversity of breeding farm animals by raising one of the most endangered species of sheep, a heritage breed.
Working on funding for manufacturing facilities to process Industrial Hemp in Virginia.

Working on creative solutions to bringing broadband and better cell phone service to rural communities.

Working on bringing in private mental health care providers to make mental health care more accessible for our communities.

Working on prison reform including private prison oversight.

Working on area water quality, aging dams, and aging water systems.

Worked on child trafficking cases, helped start organizations to prevent and bring awareness to child trafficking, helped build coalitions, and worked with the Melania Trump taskforce team to bring children home.
Creating a coalition of legislators from Virginia to out West to Alaska in order to create a safe path to deal with trafficking cases in our backyard.

Opening a domestic violence shelter/transitional home in Charlotte County Courthouse as a pilot shelter for other areas in Virginia.
Worked on collecting affidavits to ensure election integrity in our Presidential and Congressional election of 2020.

Working on comprehensive legislation to be introduced in the 2022 General Assembly for farming and family court and child welfare reform.

Hired a grant writer in order to bring money into the district and close the gap in needs for the community.

Became the Chair for the Family Board on Chasing Freedom.

Became a Board member on the Family Resource Board.

Past offices Held and tenure: None but while running for a delegate seat I started to handle constituent services so I have a staff to assist with constituent concerns and in this capacity I’ve been working with State offices.

Endorsements: My 8 dogs think the best of me! My mares and sheep love me when I have food! Then they always endorse me as long as I’ve got grain!!


Associates Degree in Science with honors
Virginia Western Community College
4.0 1995 (Grew up poor with a single mom and was able to obtain full scholarships for the Community College)

Bachelor of Science in Anthropology and Biology with honors
Radford University (attended because Virginia’s leading physical anthropologist taught here)
4.0 Winter term1998 (extra classes with more than 21 credits a term for over 2 years)

Hollins University
Masters Interdisciplinary in Chemistry and Biology with honors
4.0 2001

University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Completed Medical Anthropology coursework 2001-2002
not the same grading system

University of Leiden, the Netherlands
PhD coursework in Pharmacognosy (removing compounds from plants for Pharmaceutical companies) 2001-2003
not the same grading system

American International School of Law
Law School student

Relevant Employment History:

Archaeologist/Anthropologist for U.S.D.A. National Forest; Virginia Department of Historic Resources; Center in the Square; University of Moscow

Roanoke City Public School Teacher, Math and Science grades 6-12, Middle and High School, inner city schools

College Professor, Biology, Virginia Western Community College

Farming, Roanoke County and Brunswick County, horses, hay, fiber animals

What is the most important thing Virginians need to know about you? 

“It’s important that Virginians know that I’ve been working on policy to help all Virginians and creating duplicatable policies for other states to use, that I’m on the ground with the people and already getting the work done, that we have excellent constituent services, and I have a broad range of knowledge and solutions to issues.”

How would your friends and family describe you?

“I have reviews on Friends of Kimberly Lowe on Facebook and on People say that when I speak that people listen and people will follow me.”

What are your thoughts on the Constitution as the Law of the Land? 


What are your thoughts on religious liberty? 


What are your thoughts on the preservation of our history?  


What are your thought on government transparency? 


What are your thoughts on national defense? 


What are your thoughts on the free enterprise system? 


What are your thoughts on the protection of the unborn? 


What are your thoughts on the role the family plays in America?  


What are your thoughts on equal rights, equal justice and equal opportunity, as opposed to equal outcomes? 


What are your thoughts on the 2nd Amendment?  


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