Full Name: Kimberly Lowe

Nick Names: 


Office Sought: US Senate


Party Affiliation: Republican


Campaign Website:

Phone Number: 


Campaign Email: 


Structured Interview Request Sent: Multiple sent for 2024 Senate race.

Structured Interview Response and Date: Yes, 26 March 2024.

Vetting Panel Selected: Pending

Structured Interview Completed: Pending


Kimberly Lowe is a candidate for the United States Senate in Virginia running on the Republican ticket. Being the only Virginian in the race with her family having settled Virginia in the 1600s, Kimberly has a real understanding of issues within our Virginia communities. She has worked at the local, state, national, and international level building relationships and effectively solving problems. Kimberly has been working on foreign affairs and as lived in The Netherlands, Germany, and Brussels and speaks Dutch/Flemish, German, French, Russian, and English, and has foreign policy advisors whom have only been advisors to Presidents. Kimberly had post graduate coursework abroad in The Netherlands while receiving an Associates, Bachelors, and Masters Degree from Virginia schools, all of which she graduated top of her class. Kimberly has degrees in Science, Anthropology, Chemistry, Biology, Pharmacognosy, and Education. Kimberly is a single mom with three children. She has been a farmer, school teacher, and policy advisor, and spent her time improving communities all across Virginia and strengthening the American family across the United States. She was once an Archaeologist and did Archaeology in Southern Russia. She’s also been an athlete and competed on TEAM USA in London on the Triathlon team in which the top 10% in the United States competed and the top 1% in the nation competed internationally in London!
Kimberly spent years traveling around the United States with her three children meeting with State and Federal legislators in order to build relationships, and has top notch advisors and effective policy plans so when she enters the US Senate she can hit the ground running to get policy passed. She’s worked long enough trying to make a difference in the nation that she is recognized in every State she travels to. Kimberly has been effective at the local, state, and national levels. Kimberly has met with world leaders, members of the European Parliament, and members of Parliament outside of the European Union and has been working on issues related to counterterrorism, border security, and foreign funding that is flooding our colleges and universities. Kimberly has also helped overturn several city councils and pulled in the FBI and State police to towns which have been embezzling from tax payer dollars while small towns suffer. Kimberly also completed a SW Virginia anti-corruption tour to bring awareness to issues and try to solve them.
Kimberly is a problem solver and has worked hard in Virginia communities to make a positive impact on people’s lives. She has created creative farming solutions to bring greater profit, manufacturing solutions to bring jobs, and worked with outside companies to bring broadband. She has job initiatives and investors ready to come into the area to revitalize communities. She has also worked on solving the opioid epidemic, reforming the child welfare system, and reunifying separated American families locally, but she knows that the real work in improving people’s lives lies in policy. Kimberly has worked on every facet of life to improve the quality of life for people whether it’s solving flooding issues, farming and food solutions, tourism and immigration issues, aging population issues, military family and veteran issues, or safety and court related issues, Kimberly has done it all. Kimberly’s advisors are preparing her to be able to handle ALL issues that come her way and Kimberly is an effective leader with creative solutions whom knows how to solve problems and get it done! You can learn more about Kimberly at www.kimberlylowe.com.

Why you? Kimberly is the only candidate born and raised in Virginia and the ONLY candidate running that has solved problems in Virginia allowing her to innately understand the ISSUES that matter most to Virginians.
Kimberly is the ONLY US Senate candidate that is working actively on foreign policy and has solutions, with advisors that have only been advisors to Presidents.
Why Kimberly?
Because it isn’t about me
Because I’ve been getting it done, not for money but for my heart to serve, and I get ‘er done!
Because it was never given and never easy but I didn’t stop
Because I can do what’s right even when it isn’t popular and takes great courage to stand on my own
Because I can be an unwavering loud voice for others who most desperately need it
Because I CARE and don’t do it for power, gain, or credit
You have to decide if you want a pushover or someone fierce
Whether you want someone easily compromised or someone who fights when it isn’t popular
I don’t disappear between elections, I’ve walked through the mud
I’m led by God and called to serve!
Because I can make the people rise and come together!
Kimberly has served her community out of her heart not for SELF but for others
Kimberly was called to do this
It’s NOT about her, it’s about saving the Republic and even bigger than that, HUMANITY. When America stands strong so does the rest of the world.

 What are your priorities?

1. Restore the Constitution which would restore our courts because we can make laws and legislation all day long but with no oversight there is no point. Currently the courts are maritime law courts not constitutional courts therefore all of your rights are not secured. This would protect your 1st amendment, 2nd amendment rights, etc.
2. Enact the National Security and Economic Reform Act which would end the federal reserve, forgive credit card, mortgage, and other bank debt due to illegal banking and government activities; abolish the income tax; abolish the IRS creating a flat rate on non-essential “new items only” sales tax revenue for government; increase benefits to Senior Citizens; returns Constitutional law; Establishes new Presidential and Congressional elections within 120 days after enactment (this cleans the swamp); monitors elections and prevents illegal election activities or special interest groups; creates a new US Treasury currency backed by gold, silver, precious metals, and commodities (asset backed); returns Constitutional law to all courts and legal matters; initiates a news US Treasury banking system in alignment with Constitutional law; eliminates the federal reserve system; restores financial privacy; restrains all judges and attorneys in Constitutional law; ceases all aggressive US government military actions worldwide; establishes peace throughout the world; initiates a worldwide prosperity distribution of vast wealth that has been accumulated for decades; releases enormous sums of money for humanitarian purposes; enables the release of new technologies such as alternative energy devices.
3. Close the border by dealing with Mexico and the United Nations and introducing common sense immigration policy.
4. Stop the weaponization of the US Government 3 letter agencies and stop making deals or funding other agencies that are threatening our sovereignty such as the WHO.
5. Bring peace to the world by making human rights part of our foreign policy, building relationships within the South Pacific, continue to attempt nuclear disarmament, stop the funding of terrorist regimes including to stop buying our energy from terrorists and become energy independent.
6. Stop the violence in the Middle East by stopping Jihadist attacks which means cutting the head off of the Iranian regime, re-instating sanctions to various countries funding terrorists, standing with Israel and Israel’s allies to stop these Jihadist, and then HELPING Palestine with the Abraham Accord countries investing in Palestine to make Palestine the next Dubai!

Past offices Held and tenure: None but Kimberly has been actively involved in Virginia politics at all levels for about a decade!


Moms for America
Veterans for Trump, Virginia and Georgia
Latinos for America First
Endorsements lined up and forthcoming after ballot access


Associates Degree in Science with honors
Virginia Western Community College
4.0 1995 (Grew up poor with a single mom and was able to obtain full scholarships for the Community College)

Bachelor of Science in Anthropology and Biology with honors
Radford University (attended because Virginia’s leading physical anthropologist taught here)
4.0 Winter term1998 (extra classes with more than 21 credits a term for over 2 years)

Hollins University
Masters interdisciplinary in Chemistry and Biology with honors
4.0 2001

University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Completed Medical Anthropology coursework 2001-2002
not the same grading system

University of Leiden, the Netherlands
PhD coursework in Pharmacognosy (removing compounds from plants for Pharmaceutical companies) 2001-2003
not the same grading system

Relevant Employment History:

International Work:

-Met with Members of the European Parliament and Members of Parliament outside of the European Union to discuss foreign policy, geopolitics, the role of NATA and the United Nations, issues with borders and migration, food security, the break down of the family, economy, trade, and diplomatic relations
-Invited to a private Summit in London to discuss global issues affecting the world including meeting with Timothy Cho who escaped North Korea and is working with the President of Korea and Members of the Korean Parliament
-Planning a trip to Korea to meet with the Minister of Defense and Members of Parliament in May of 2024
-Actively working in communities across Virginia and with foreign policy advisors effectively creating solutions to world diplomacy issues
-Reconstituting Transatlantic Partnership between members of US Congress and members of the European Parliament to work on issues with our border, counterterrorism, and foreign money flowing into our colleges and universities

U.S.D.A. National Forest; Virginia Department of Historic Resources; Center in the Square; University of Moscow

-Roanoke City Public School Teacher, Math and Science grades 6-12, Middle and High School, inner city schools

-College Professor, Biology, Virginia Western Community College

-Farm – Roanoke County and Brunswick County, horses, hay, fiber animals, heritage breeds

-Made the top 1% out of the top 10% triathletes in the nation to take a place on TEAM USA and competed in London for Triathlon (swim, bike, run)
-Released three albums in 2017
-rode dressage (equitation) in the Netherlands, Germany, and Brussels
-Shoot at least once a week and promote 2A rights including reaching out to legislators
-speaks 5 languages

Community Service: Projects:

Worked on river flooding issues with the Army Corps of Engineers, Navy, a County, and City, that is causing economic damage to farms and flooding parks.
Worked on rails to trails projects with various organizations including a Mayor, Senator, the Southside Planning District Commission, The Tobacco Region Revitalization Commission, VDOT, and the local rails to trails group.
Worked as an intermediary for families with family members in prison by working with the family and Virginia Department of Corrections during the COVID-19 outbreak to make sure families felt secure in any issues occurring inside prisons, to make sure prisoners needs were being met, and to ensure employees were safe, and enough employees available.
Started the first mobile COVID-19 test clinic in rural Southside VA in order to close the gap in early testing availability.
Acquired funding to start a mobile health clinic in order to address the area’s low health outcomes including the area’s high cancer rates and provide early diagnosis testing.
Been involved with hemp legislation early on and industrial hemp advocacy, education, and networking in order to ensure industrial hemp improves Virginia’s economy, helps the environment, brings jobs, and helps our farmers.
Helped secure funding for area police officers by working with local boards and Sheriffs.
Worked on funding solutions for area fire stations so fire stations can have the equipment needed to serve the community.
Worked on funding solutions for local libraries to ensure libraries receive federal funding for community programs.
Worked on negotiating funding for area schools.
Able to obtain funding that was being held from disabled students so they were able to continue receiving education during the COVID-19 pandemic by working with State offices, attorneys, schools, parents, and local boards.
Worked with mayors in the region on various projects to help and improve the communities.
Worked with legislators on the State and Federal level to create programs that will make families stronger including family court reform.
Created databases so families needing help have access to resources to address family issues including information on advocates and attorneys in each state and a free manual with information to guide families through the family court and issues with Child Protective Services.
Worked on building coalitions across the nation to work on legislation to reform family courts, child welfare, and child safety.
Worked on the Brunswick County Litter Council to ensure stewardship and respect for our local environment and to push for education for our youth in land stewardship.
Director of Legislation for Global Family Alliance/Family Alliance Network of Virginia dedicated to promoting early detection and intervention for current rising cultural concerns, preventing family crisis that cause at-risk youth, and developing strong, empowered families within the community through advocacy, education, research, and service.
Leading the nation in Civil Court Reforms and helps navigate families through family court, divorce, child custody, and issues with Child Protective Service with the goal of protecting children, protecting families, and reuniting families but protecting those affected by domestic abuse.
Working on bringing awareness to Domestic Violence and issues occurring in Family Court that are bringing harm to our children and families.
Working on starting an area Domestic Violence Shelter.
Working with some of the Nation’s Leading Domestic Violence experts in order to use data to push legislation to protect children.
Working on giving Guardian Ad Litems and Judges an easier path to deal with child custody while protecting the safety of children.
Working on maintaining genetic biodiversity of breeding farm animals by raising one of the most endangered species of sheep, a heritage breed.
Working on funding and creative solutions to create manufacturing facilities to process Industrial Hemp in Virginia.
Working on creative solutions to bringing broadband and better cell phone service to rural communities.
Working on bringing in private mental health care providers to make mental health care more accessible for our communities.
Working on prison reform including private prison oversight.
Working on area water quality, aging dams, and aging water systems.
Worked on child trafficking cases, helped start organizations to prevent and bring awareness to child trafficking, and helped build coalitions, to bring children home.
Creating a coalition of legislators from Virginia to out West to Alaska in order to create a safe path to deal with trafficking cases in our backyard.
Working on and assisting with opening a domestic violence shelter/transitional home in Southside Virginia as a pilot shelter for other areas in Virginia.
Worked on collecting affidavits to ensure election integrity in our Presidential and Congressional election of 2020.
Working on comprehensive legislation to be introduced in the VA General Assembly for farming and family court and child welfare reform.
Hired a grant writer in order to bring money into the district and close the gap in needs for the community.
Sitting as Chair for the Family Board on Chasing Freedom.
Became a Board member on the Family Resource Board.
Working with a developer in Colorado on a process of converting industrial hemp to graphene and pitching this process to the coal industry in order to offer high paying jobs as the coal industry declines along with a production option and market for area farmers.
Assisted with assisting 2021 Candidates for the House of Delegates, Governor’s, Lt. Gov., and Attorney General Offices, and races in 2022 and 2023 from School Board to Board of Supervisors to House of Delegates to State Senate races.
Working with Mayors and City Council Members on anti-corruption issues such as embezzlement.
41. Assisted with immigration issues to assist members of the community.
42. Assisted members in the community with housing and water issues.
43. Actively helped homeless and Veteran community and working towards
policy to curtail Veteran suicide.
44. Meeting with world leaders in London discussing how to curtail the globalists agenda.
45. Meeting with Members of Parliament inside and outside of Europe to discuss geopolitics.

Leadership Experience:

Kimberly has always been a leader. She is a self starter. She typically started her own groups and self solved problems having not worked for anyone or being paid to do it.

Personal Strengths:

Kimberly is real, authentic, honest, and truly has a heart for people. She is not in this for herself or for power or money but because she knows she can truly make a difference for people in the world.


What is the most important thing Virginians need to know about you? 

I am the only candidate running for US Senate that has even solved problems in the State or working on foreign policy when this is a foreign policy job. I am the only candidate born and raised in Virginia that has accomplished getting things done at the local, State, National, and International level. I am the only one that has an innate understanding of issues for Virginians at the local level after years of serving communities across Virginia at the local level.

How would your friends and family describe you?

From others:
“Kimberly Lowe is one of the kindest, smartest, amazing woman, and mothers I know. She is an amazing friend. She puts so much passion into her work and her goals. She is amazing. And if you are blessed enough go know her you are VERY BLESSED…We love you Kim! Don’t ever stop being you!”
“What an amazing voice for the less popular subjects in today’s society. Caring to fight for the wronged and underprivileged. She is a fireball in farm boots with a heart for family, community, and State! (the way it should be)”
“Kimberly Lowe is the most hard working honest, trustworthy person I know. She is very impartial, unbiased. She is a go getter. When she sets out to do something she approaches it with a hard working attitude and accomplishes it through understanding, empathy, and a passion that only she has. She goes above and beyond. I have much respect for her and as an individual and as a mother to her children. She’s a fighter who does not give up. She’s bright, intelligent, and has a heart of gold and a beautiful soul to match. I am very honored to know her and will support her with any decision she makes.”
“I’m not sure I could ever say enough positive things about Kimberly. To say that she has a big heart is an understatement and the amount of love she has for the people of Virginia is unbelievable. She’s done more for me and my family that a paid attorney has. She wants the absolute best for everyone and she knows how to achieve that. My family and I have come to think of her as family. Thank you so much for all you have done for us and all of the other people that have turned to you and that you have helped. Even when you have had your own personal life to deal with, you have been there for countless others.”
“This woman has the heart of an angel and the fight of a lion. She sacrifices to help others. She uses her intelligence to remain focused on the tasks at hand. She is truly a soldier in the war on corruption in CPS and other organizations that are supposed to be helping children, families, and our citizens and the nation. Don’t ever lay down or stop, Kimberly Lowe. You have survivors, followers, and supporters from all over the nation. You have made us strong”

What are your thoughts on the Constitution as the Law of the Land? It’s currently not in use because our courts are not Constitutional courts but I know how to restore the Constitution


What are your thoughts on religious liberty? I am the only candidate on a religious freedom board who is also helping analyze what is presented to Congress on issues with religious freedom


What are your thoughts on the preservation of our history? Our history has been altered and changed continually and the only way to stop this is to reconstruct and restore America


What are your thought on government transparency? There is little transparency in the government when they are spending our money, we must have control of the US Senate in order to bring transparency and accountability


What are your thoughts on national defense? We need to stop overturning sovereign governments through our CIA and military industrial complex. While we have one of the largest GDP’s we have not been smart in defense. We have to do more relationship building around the world, be smart with technology so it is not stolen, invest in countries in smart ways rather than giving money to those in charge and it is squandered so then you end up having to go to China for resources, cut off the head of Iran, and take a closer look at our long term defense building plan compared to other countries such as Russia and China.


What are your thoughts on the free enterprise system? We don’t currently have a free enterprise system. Many small towns were shut down due to bad trade deals like NAFTA and we lost many businesses during Covid. We need sound policies that keep manufacturing and businesses at home and stop the proliferation of huge conglomerations that are smothering out our smaller businesses creating absolutely no free market options.


What are your thoughts on the protection of the unborn? The government and politics will never stop abortions but what I can do at the federal level is stop the funding of abortions, make sure fetal tissue does not end up in our drinking water and waterways, put forth informed consent on the damage an abortion can do to a body and what happens to aborted babies, and work on the economy so abortion is less of an option. If this is the issue that matters to you most, please get involved with your state elections because the State’s now determine this issue and if you really care please find a community based way to solve this issue – this is a cultural problem and law will not stop this.


What are your thoughts on the role the family plays in America?  The American family has been destroyed on purpose for decades through laws and our court system. I have worked for about a decade trying to re-unite our families and teach families our rights. Our tax payer dollars actually fund the destruction and separation of the American family. I know how to fix this.


What are your thoughts on equal rights, equal justice and equal opportunity, as opposed to equal outcomes? There are no real equal rights or justice. America has the highest rate of incarceration of any country while those in power and in our judicial system commit as many crimes as they like. I know how to fix this.


What are your thoughts on the 2nd Amendment?  Our guns are the only thing that is keeping America standing. We need Constitutional carry now. We need mental health care access and treatment of trauma at the root cause. Fix the courts you have rights. Fix the people you have safety.


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