Who are we…

Join Chasing Freedom – Virginia as a member, serve on our board and lead a coalition or serve on the vetting boards where we evaluate candidates and serving officials. The menu above has the necessary links.

Chasing Freedom – Virginia is made up of individual citizens and like-minded groups who believe as we do that the Constitution as written and envisioned by our Founding Fathers is a brilliantly even divinely inspired document. Within the Constitution itself and the Bill of Rights

Chasing Freedom – Virginia members work for the promotion of the social welfare and the common good of all citizens of Virginia, to reinvigorate civic responsibly and to preserve and promote our individual rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as envisioned by our Nation’s Founders in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

What we believe…

• THE CONSTITUTION is the Law of the Land. Our individual rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; as enshrined in the Bill of Rights, serve to limit the government as intended by the Founders.

• RELIGIOUS LIBERTY is a cornerstone of our Constitution and must be protected as an inalienable human right.

• THE 2nd AMENDMENT, serves to protect The People against domestic and foreign oppression and must be protected as an inalienable human right.

• All citizens, in order to realize their fullest potential, are entitled to EQUAL RIGHTS, EQUAL JUSTICE, and EQUAL OPPORTUNITY, not equal outcomes.

• THE FAMILY is the most essential and most empowering organization in our shared human existence.

• ALL LIFE IS PRECIOUS and must be protected.

• THE FREE ENTERPRISE system is the most productive supplier of human needs and economic justice. Fiscal responsibility and budgetary restraint must be exercised by all levels of government.

• PEACE is preserved through a STRONG NATIONAL DEFENSE.

• GOVERNMENT TRANSPARENCY is essential to maintain trust and faith with The People.

• OUR HISTORY and the associated memoria serve as guideposts in our journey as a Nation, to serve as reminders of our shared sacrifices and as warnings to future generations

How can you get involved…

Our members are devoted to being part of the restoration of these values. They serve and active members, political activates, and as members on our vetting boards. You can become a member and serve on our board or serve on a vetting board to evaluate candidates. The links are in the menu above.


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