Full Name: Xavier Warren


Nick Names: 


Office Sought: Lieutenant Governor


Party Affiliation: Democrat



Campaign Website:

Campaign POC:

Phone Number:

Campaign Email:

Structured Interview Request Sent: Multiple requests submitted to campaign.

Structured Interview Response and Date: N/A.

Vetting Panel Selected: N/A

Structured Interview Completed: N/A

Do you believe – THE CONSTITUTION is the Law of the Land. Our individual rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; as enshrined in the Bill of Rights, serve to limit the government as intended by the Founders?

  – No answer provided.

Do you believe – RELIGIOUS LIBERTY is a cornerstone of our Constitution and must be protected as in inalienable human right?

    – Professes to believe.

Do you believe – OUR HISTORY and the associated memoria serve as guideposts in our journey as a Nation, to serve as reminders of our shared sacrifices and as warnings to future generations?

  – No answer provided.

Do you believe – GOVERNMENT TRANSPARENCY is essential to maintain trust and faith with The People?

    – No answer provided. 

Do you believe – PEACE is preserved through a STRONG NATIONAL DEFENSE?

    – No answer provided. 

Do you believe – THE FREE ENTERPRISE SYSTEM is the most productive supplier of human needs and economic justice and Fiscal responsibility and budgetary restraint must be exercised by all levels of government?

    – Professes values contrary to this belief.

Do you believe – ALL LIFE IS PRECIOUS and must be protected?

  – No answer provided.

Do you believe – THE FAMILY is the most essential and most empowering organization in our shared human existence?

  – No answer provided.

Do you believe – ALL CITIZENS, in order to realize their fullest potential, are entitled to EQUAL RIGHTS, EQUAL JUSTICE, and EQUAL OPPORTUNITY, not equal outcomes?   

  – No answer provided.

Do you believe – THE 2ND AMENDMENT, serves to protect The People against domestic and foreign oppression and must be protected as an inalienable human right?

    – No answer provided.

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