Full Name: Lance Reid Allen

Nick Names:

Office Sought: Lieutenant Governor

Party Affiliation: Republican




Campaign Website:

Campaign POC:

Phone Number:

Campaign Email:


Structured Interview Request Sent:
11 February 2021

Structured Interview Response and Date:
18 March 2021

Vetting Panel Selected: Pending

Structured Interview Completed: Pending

Biography: Growing up, my family struggled with domestic violence and addiction. Life was tough. My father was murdered when I was six and my mom did the best she could but things weren’t easy. I spent most of my childhood in and out of foster homes.

At around 14, I was adopted. I’m eternally grateful for the love and kindness they showed me during my crucial teenage years. To this day, I consider them “mom and dad.”

Shortly after graduating from high school, I decided to serve my country by joining the Air Force. I am grateful that through serving, I was able to earn both a Master of Business Administration and a Master of Science of Strategic Intelligence.

During my ten years of honorable service in the military — I learned American core values like Integrity, Service, and Commitment — and I built a career by providing actionable intelligence to policy and tactical decision-makers in areas like Counterterrorism and Homeland Defense.

During my last assignment in the Air Force, I led the charge for sharing intel between U.S. intelligence and law enforcement agencies and tactical decision-makers to help protect Americans from threats to our Homeland. Today, I continue serving my country as Director of Strategic Engagement at a large national security and technology firm in Northern Virginia.

My family and I are truly blessed to have been granted the opportunity to make Fauquier, Virginia our home. We love Virginia and hope you will come to love us. Please reach out! We’d love to have you over for dinner any time!

Why you? 
1) I won’t flip-flop. I wrote down where I stand in my policy book and shared it (lanceforva.com/bettervirginia) because I believe in accountability – always.

2) My integrity is all I have – ask me a question, ask my campaign team, friends, or family questions…I will always be open, honest, and transparent about any issue. Trust isn’t something I expect you to blindly give me, but I believe I can start earning it by opening myself up to you.

3) I’m running because I want to make a difference – – that’s it – – if I don’t get to do much in this world, I’d like very much so, to make it better for those around me.

It’s a tough decision, supporting someone for elected office and many times we are disappointed by what we hoped would be a different breed of politician. I am human so I can’t promise to be perfect but I’d like to you to help me achieve the change, we are all striving to see in our state.

What are your priorities?
Defend The 2nd Amendment!
Protect The Unborn!
Open & Revive Our Economy!
Preserve Election Integrity!
Open Our Schools!
Promote School Choice!
Stand Up For Law Enforcement!
Support Our Veterans!
Cut Taxes Statewide!

Former State Senator Bill Carrico

2018 MS, Gov’t Contracts, George Washington University
2015 MBA, University of the Incarnate Word
2013 MS, Strategic Intelligence, National Intelligence University
2010 AA, Spanish, Defense Language Institute
2010 AA, Applied Communications, Comm. College of the Air Force

Military Experience / Branch / Years of Service / Rank / Type of Discharge:
United States Air Force / 10 years of Active Duty / Staff Sergeant / Honorable

Community Service:
Fauquier County Republican Committee
Big Brothers/Big Sisters
Habitat for Humanity

Leadership Experience: While serving in the Air Force, I was assigned to the Intelligence Community, working with National Level Intelligence and Law Enforcement agencies, including NSA, Department of Homeland Security, and foreign partner nations, to defend North America. I also advised policy makers and tactical Commanders alike, on key decisions to keep American’s safe from attacks against our Homeland.

Personal Strengths: My personal strengths are perseverance and a bit of humility. I come from a broken family – my mom was a victim of domestic violence and I spent many years in and out of the foster care system. I had no money for college out of high school and I had no clue what to do. However, when I was a teenager I had a lot of incredibly kind people help guide me, when I was in the military I was fortunate enough to have Commanders and leaders to help mentor me, and today I am fortunate enough to know that I can’t and won’t solve the problems in Virginia by telling you how awesome I am (I am awesome…just saying) but rather, by going out and listening to what you have to say. No one will fight hard for your family, your business, or your community than you – – the job of government isn’t to do those things. If we are doing things right, we should be getting you the tools and resources you need to flourish. Government is not the answer to our problems, in fact it causes most of them.

What is the most important thing Virginians need to know about you? That I spent more time filling out the policy and issues part of this survey than I did these questions.

How would your friends and family describe you? 
They would say I’m the best candidate for Lt. Governor. =)

Do you believe – THE CONSTITUTION is the Law of the Land. Our individual rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; as enshrined in the Bill of Rights, serve to limit the government as intended by the Founders?

    – YES

Do you believe – RELIGIOUS LIBERTY is a cornerstone of our Constitution and must be protected as in inalienable human right?

   – YES – The First Amendment and federal statutory law prohibit discrimination against religious institutions and religious believers. Government may not impose special restrictions on religious activity; it may not order houses of worship to close, limit their congregation size, or otherwise impede religious gatherings. Religious institutions must not be singled out. Religion and religious worship are central to the lives of millions of Americans. This is true now more so than ever. The pandemic has changed the ways Americans live their lives. Religious communities have rallied to the critical need to protect the community from the spread of this disease by making services available online and in ways that otherwise comply with social distancing guidelines. As Lieutenant Governor, I will remain committed to ensuring that religious freedom remains protected by ensuring that now law or regulation singles-out, targets, or discriminates against any house of worship.

Do you believe – OUR HISTORY and the associated memoria serve as guideposts in our journey as a Nation, to serve as reminders of our shared sacrifices and as warnings to future generations?

   – YES

Do you believe – GOVERNMENT TRANSPARENCY is essential to maintain trust and faith with The People?

   – YES

Do you believe – PEACE is preserved through a STRONG NATIONAL DEFENSE?

   – YES

Do you believe – THE FREE ENTERPRISE SYSTEM is the most productive supplier of human needs and economic justice and Fiscal responsibility and budgetary restraint must be exercised by all levels of government?

   – YES – COMMITMENT: Promote a strong and sustained economic recovery by cutting taxes for working families and reducing unnecessary government spending. Virginia’s government spending has grown by nearly 70% over the last 10 years ($81B in 2011 to $137B in 2020) — 10 times faster than population. Our individual income tax burden is the 9th highest in the country and our economy is under performing. Our budget should be smaller, and the tax burden should be going down. That requires identifying and eliminating waste and enacting reforms to costly programs. We must also hold the line against additional tax increases, like further hikes to the gas tax, which will hamper recovery. To start, Virginia already delayed a $2.3 billion increase in spending during COVID-19. We should waive those spending increases permanently to protect taxpayers from additional tax hikes. COMMITMENT: Enact a Taxpayers Bill of Rights (TABOR) to make government live within in its means. This measure, much like the one successfully passed in Colorado, would limit government spending relative to the prior year and return surplus tax dollars to taxpayers, unless voters approve new spending. The TABOR Amendment would require voter approval for tax increases and increases the TABOR spending limit, which constrains state revenue from both taxes and fees. It requires a constitutional amendment — aiming for 2023 or 2025 — which is doable in Virginia, as we saw with the recent successful initiative on redistricting. COMMITMENT: Crack down on special interest giveaways and corporate welfare. Government should not pick winners and losers; businesses should succeed by serving customers. Too often government gives special favors to the well-connected at the expense of everyone else. We must close tax loopholes and limit the use of economic development incentives and other subsidies, including working toward an interstate compact to end this failed practice.

Do you believe – ALL LIFE IS PRECIOUS and must be protected?

   – YES – COMMITMENT: Protect the rights of the unborn. As a father, there is nothing more precious to me than my children. The right to life is something we cannot take away. Virginia can be a leader in human rights by protecting the unborn. We should pass a Human Rights Protection Act1 — preventing abortion after a heartbeat is detected — as states like Ohio have already done. With recent conservative appointments throughout the federal judiciary, now is the time to advance laws that protect life.

Do you believe – THE FAMILY is the most essential and most empowering organization in our shared human existence?

   – YES – COMMITMENT: Improve foster care to help every child find a safe and loving home. Virginia’s foster care system is deeply troubled. In 2018, the legislature’s nonpartisan watchdog agency issued a scathing report on failures in the Virginia foster care system. Our foster care system ranked 49th out of 50 states in helping kids find permanent families. As Lieutenant Governor, I will work closely with the bipartisan Foster Care Caucus — the first such legislative caucus in the country — to ensure effective oversight, implement the prior reforms, and work toward additional changes that help children and families. For example, I’ll work to promote “kinship arrangements” — where children are given the chance to live with relatives or trusted non-relatives — by providing these caretakers with the same support as other foster families.

Do you believe – ALL CITIZENS, in order to realize their fullest potential, are entitled to EQUAL RIGHTS, EQUAL JUSTICE, and EQUAL OPPORTUNITY, not equal outcomes?

   – YES – COMMITMENT: Equal Protection Under The Law We must pursue policies that promote public safety, rein in government over-reach, and protect constitutional rights equally for all. Our government must be limited, but effective. Government should be focused first and foremost on its core responsibilities of keeping people safe and ensuring equal protection under the law.

COMMITMENT: Ensure people who break the law pay their debt to society while enabling second chances for those who truly deserve them. America is a nation that believes in redemption. Individuals who break the law must be held accountable but, we should also ensure that people who pay their debt to society and no longer pose a danger can rebuild their lives when they leave prison. Unfortunately for Virginia, the Democrat-controlled General Assembly has opted for a different approach, pushing through bad legislation like Senate Bill 5034. Loopholes in that bill allow violent sexual predators to go free after only serving a fraction of their sentence. We must repeal unfair and unsafe legislation like SB 5034 and instead pursue criminal justice reforms that do not come at the expense of justice and victim’s rights. Dozens of reforms in other states — especially those led by conservatives — have shown that it’s possible to promote public safety and justice while also reducing unnecessary incarceration and providing a path to a second chance. For example, over the last 10 years, Texas has reduced its crime rate by 29% — falling to the lowest level in over 50 years — while shrinking its incarcerated population and closing ten prisons. This was achieved through a host of practical reforms, like instituting mandatory drug rehabilitation as an alternative to prison for some first-time, non-violent drug convictions, and giving more flexibility to judges to set punishments that fit the crime. With these reforms, Texas saved $2 billion, freeing up resources to focus more on preventing serious crimes. As Lieutenant Governor, I’ll support criminal justice reforms that ensure the punishment fits the crime, as well as promoting rehabilitation and re-entry programs that provide education and job training. I will also work to implement improvements to mental health services so that people in need get treatment rather than cycling through the prison system without effective interventions.

Do you believe – THE 2ND AMENDMENT, serves to protect The People against domestic and foreign oppression and must be protected as an inalienable human right?

   – YES – COMMITMENT: Protect the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding gun owners and work together to keep communities safe. “Shall not be infringed” was not a suggestion. I believe in the Second Amendment and will stand up for the rights of law-abiding gun owners. And, as a husband, father, and veteran, I will work tirelessly to make our communities safer. Unfortunately, politicians often seek to divide people on this issue by presenting a false choice: either crackdown on law-abiding gun owners or do nothing about gun violence. We saw that earlier this year, when politicians in Richmond passed partisan gun-control laws that infringe on constitutional rights — even though there’s no evidence laws like these will reduce gun violence. First, the “red flag” law violates due process, allowing authorities to take a person’s firearms before they have been convicted, or even accused, of a crime. There’s no evidence red flag laws stop violent crime and these new powers can be abused. Second, if law enforcement has compelling evidence that somebody is an immediate danger to themselves or others, they may be detained for a mental health evaluation, but just confiscating their legally obtained firearms violates their rights and fails to solve the problem. I’ll fight to repeal red flag laws, arbitrary time limits on gun purchases, excessive government powers to control where guns can be carried, and other unconstitutional and ineffective laws. I’ll also fight to keep our schools and communities safe by ensuring they have proper law enforcement protection, such as school resource officers.

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