Full Name: Crystal Vanuch

Nick Names:


Office Sought: Congress,
7th Congressional District


Party Affiliation: Republican


Campaign Website:

Campaign POC:

Phone Number: 910-528-4293

Campaign Email: David@CrystalVanuch.com

Structured Interview Request Sent:
3 Dec 2021, 20 Dec 2021, 29 Dec 2021, 16 Jan 2022,
25 Jan 2022, 27 Jan 2022, 31 Jan 2022, 1 Feb 2022, 11 Feb 2022, 17 Feb 2022, 2 Mar 2022, 4 Mar 2022, 28 Mar 2022

Structured Interview Response and Date:
Accepted, 29 April 2022

Vetting Panel Selected: Pending

Structured Interview Completed: Pending

Biography: I was born on Election Day in 1983 to a lower middle-class family in Prince William County. My father was a Marine and Prince William County Police Officer, and my mother raised our family full-time on my father’s public servant income.

My dad fought his way into the Marine Corps to go to Vietnam after being raised by a single mother after my grandfather passed away when my father was just 16 months old.

The experience of watching my family come from nothing demonstrated that the American dream can be achieved through hard work and public service.

I was raised and educated in Stafford County attending Stafford Elementary School, Stafford Middle School, Brooke Point High School then graduated Magna Cum Laude at Virginia Wesleyan University. I now proudly represent the Rock Hill District on the Stafford County Board of Supervisors and am currently serving as Chairman of the Board for the second year in a row, fighting for our conservative values.

I am married to a Marine who fought in Iraq for our very freedoms that have been under constant attack by the extreme Democrats in Washington, DC. I have seen firsthand how the federal government and Veterans Affairs have failed the men and women who gave all or some for our Country.

Why you? Here’s what you need to know about me – I am not a career politician. I am a small business owner that understands the sacrifices business owners make every day. My career has been dedicated to advocating for terminally and chronically ill patients to gain access to affordable treatments for their healthcare conditions at the state and federal levels. Today, I run a public affairs firm that help my clients better serve their most vulnerable and sick patients.

While most politicians just talk, I will get the job done. As your Congresswoman, I will fight for Virginia families, stop the Biden-Pelosi-Spanberger liberal agenda, and support commonsense policies that help all Virginians. It’s time we send a proven conservative leader to fight for us in Washington!

My life experiences drive me to deliver results at the local, state, and federal levels for policy changes and to advocate for those who either cannot or do not know how. The new 7th Congressional District needs a leader and someone who has a proven record.

In 2019, voters elected me by an overwhelming majority to the Stafford County Board of Supervisors where I quickly earned the reputation of being a conservative leader, even on the most controversial issues. As Supervisor, I have been an outspoken advocate for our conservative values and have consistently delivered results to improve our community and quality of life. 

What are your priorities? Energy independence, rebuilding our economy, protecting individual liberty, and more importantly, standing with our law enforcement and working with them to maintain public safety.


Maureen Siegmund- Stafford Co. School Board
Juliet Schweiter- Stafford Co. Activist
Meg Bohmke- Stafford Co. Supervisor
Charlie Jett- former Stafford Co. Sheriff
“Moose Dobson- former King George Sheriff
Steve Dempsey- former King George Sheriff

Education: I was raised and educated in Stafford County attending Stafford Elementary School, Stafford Middle School, Brooke Point High School then graduated Magna Cum Laude at Virginia Wesleyan University. 

Relevant Employment History: I’ve spent my career advocating for access to care on behalf of chronically ill patients at the state and federal level, working to get results to improve healthcare for those that need it most.

Military Experience / Branch / Years of Service / Rank / Type of Discharge: I did not serve but my husband is a retired Marine gunnery sergeant.

Past Offices Held and Tenure: Stafford County Board of Supervisors, Rock Hill District, Chairman

Community Service: No information available.

Leadership Experience: No information available.

Personal Strengths: No information available.

What is the most important thing Virginians need to know about you? I am a fighter with a proven conservative record. I was asked to get into this race not by other officials or groups but by the constituents that I already represent in Stafford county. I am the only candidate who can stand against Abigail Spanberger and bring home a victory for the 7th District.

How would your friends and family describe you? Competitive, smart, strategic, energetic and drive. They know that I have the skills needed to not back down from a fight and to get things done.

What are your thoughts on the Constitution as the Law of the Land? The Constitution was written to limit the power of the government and defend the inalienable rights of the citizens. As the party of law and order, it is our obligation to protect the Constitution and abide by its principles. This document is the law of the land, set and firm. It is the oldest governing document in the world and holds our freedoms in its text.

What are your thoughts on religious liberty? Religious freedom is an unassailable right, written into the Bill of Rights to be protected. Our country was founded for people to practice their faiths in peace and this right is essential to the nation. This right has been under attack in our country, this is apparent now. People have lost their jobs and their livelihoods because they refused to surrender their religious beliefs against vaccines. While I think the vaccine was good for the country, I absolutely stand for the right of religious freedom to not take that vaccine. Religious liberty is the bedrock upon which our nation was founded and must be protected.  

What are your thoughts on the preservation of our history? There are parts of our history that are dark and there were great sins committed. In order to prevent the same mistakes from being made again in the future, our history must be preserved and studied. Our republic has only reached the greatness of today by overcoming the struggles of the past. To rewrite history and remove those dark sections is to forget the people who struggle to find the good that our national has grown into.

What are your thought on government transparency? The consent of the governed is where the power to govern is found. The people who have elected representatives to the government deserve to know that their representatives are keeping promises made. Transparency must be kept so that faith in representatives can be maintained and the consent of the governed is not made a mockery of. Our government is now more than ever, not trusted by the governed. For the good of the nation, that trust must be restored and the only way to restore such is to return transparency to the government.

What are your thoughts on national defense? The Biden-Spanberger Administration’s foreign policy agenda has been an unmitigated disaster and an embarrassment to our country and allies. It was clear that we had no plan when we withdrew from Afghanistan and as a result, thousands of Americans were put in danger. My husband is a Marine and served our country in Iraq. I understand the sacrifices our military make to protect our country, and as your Congresswoman, I will ensure our troops are always protected, our military is adequately funded, and that we always stand with American allies. It is only through a strong National defense that we can truly keep America safe. A strong national defense is necessary to meet the threats facing the United States and to project power around the globe to deter our adversaries.

What are your thoughts on the free enterprise system? The free enterprise system is the most productive system in providing prosperity and lifting people out of poverty. Before the pandemic, our economy was the strongest it’s been in decades. Under President Trump, unemployment was at a record low, the stock market was booming, and we experienced record growth and opportunity. Unfortunately, as we slowly rebound from COVID-19, President Biden and the far left are pursuing a progressive tax and spend agenda that’s fundamentally changing the way our country operates. As a result of their reckless spending, we now have record high inflation, a stagnant economy, and higher cost of living. As your Congresswoman, I will stop the out-of-control spending, help businesses find employees so they can get back on their feet, and oppose Biden’s big government policies and tax increases. 

What are your thoughts on the protection of the unborn? I am 100% pro-life and an unapologetic champion of the unborn. In Congress, I will always vote to protect the rights of the unborn and prevent your tax dollars from being used to fund abortions. I will proudly stand up to the radical Democrats in Washington and liberal groups like Planned Parenthood who wish to expand access to abortion until the moment of birth.

What are your thoughts on the role the family plays in America? The family is the foundational unit of society, it is the most essential part of maintaining a civil society. Our children deserve the best education in the world. Unfortunately, Democrats would rather play politics and teach divisive curriculum like Critical Race Theory, and when parents voice their concerns, they are silenced by the woke cancel culture. Let me be clear, politics does not belong in the classroom. While serving as a Stafford County Supervisor, I successfully stopped CRT from being taught in our schools. I was a vocal advocate for keeping School Resource Officers in place, and I supported hard working teachers by voting for substantial pay raises. In Congress, I will always stand with parents, students, and teachers because our children’s future is too important to play politics with. 

What are your thoughts on equal rights, equal justice and equal opportunity, as opposed to equal outcomes?  Equal outcomes cannot and should not be promised. Equal rights, justice and opportunity give the citizen the ability to reach their highest potential without the empty promise of equal outcomes, which cannot be guaranteed.

What are your thoughts on the 2nd Amendment? The constitutional right to keep and bear arms must be diligently protected in order that the self defense of citizens and their families is never in question. Our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms is non-negotiable. Our Founding Fathers were clear how they felt about the Second Amendment, that’s why they enshrined it in the Constitution – not only to protect our right to hunt or target shoot, but for people to defend themselves and their families. When Virginia Democrats came after our Second Amendment rights, I led the effort to make Stafford County a sanctuary county for law abiding gun owners. In Congress, I will continue to protect the Second Amendment from the radical left and proudly defend our Constitutional rights.

Virginia Constitutional Conservatives Candidate Survey 2022 – CANDIDATE REFUSED TO ANSWER


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Virginia Constitutional Conservatives Candidate Survey 2022 – CANDIDATE REFUSED TO ANSWER




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