Full Name: 
Theodore Engquist

Nick Names:


Office Sought: Congress,
3rd Congressional District


Party Affiliation:


Campaign Website:

Campaign POC:

Phone Number: 571-334-6067

Campaign Email: tede@tedforcongress2022.com

Structured Interview Request Sent: 
3 Dec 2021, 20 Dec 2021, 29 Dec 2021, 16 Jan 2022, 25 Jan 2022, 27 Jan 2022, 

Structured Interview Response and Date:
29 January 2022

Vetting Panel Selected: Pending

Structured Interview Completed: Pending

Biography: I was born and raised in a minister’s home with very conservative views. I followed in my father’s footsteps and became a licensed minister 12 years ago. I have spent my entire career building roads and bridges and I am currently the Hampton Roads Quality Coordinator for VDOT. After seeing the benefit of a mentoring program in my local church, I wanted to begin serving the community in a greater capacity. After much prayer and council, I have decided to run for US House of Representatives in the 3rd District. I have a message of love and unity to bring a divided nation back together so we can move forward as the United States of America.


Why you? I have a passion for helping people, especially those that have the odds stacked against them. I have worked with many different walks of life in my years of ministry and that experience will help me to relate to everyone in the 3rd District. As a blue-collar worker, I understand the benefit of trades school and wish to expand the local shipyards to create better paying jobs, and in turn boost our economy.

What are your priorities?
Bring unity to a divided nation by ensuring that everyone is treated equally and given the same opportunity to succeed.
Improve our economy and lower the percentage of people living below the poverty level.
Work with both the public citizen and our police officers to educate and have mutual respect so we can work together to lower our crime rate.
Protect the American people by ensuring everyone desiring to enter our country goes through a screening process to stop the spread of Covid and eliminate the drug and sex trafficking that is rampant with an open border.

John Collick – Isle of White School Board, former US House of Representative Candidate for the 3rd District, Retired Marine
J.R. Arango – Senior Pastor of The Peninsula Pentecostals
Dr K. N Jacob – Author, Conference Speaker, and Life Coach
Dr Dwayne – Bishop at Messiah Center
Bishop Ronzel Pretlow – Founder and Presiding Bishop of Glory Nation
Deborah Brooks – Retired Project Director from Tata Communications and Realtor
Dr Melissa Beaudoin – Republican Chair of Virginia’s 11th Congressional District.
Walt Zaremba – York County Board of Supervisors and Estate Attorney
Dr Pat Woodbury – Newport News City Councilwoman
Darren Post – Gloucester County School Board
Carlton Drew – Retired Marine and Gloucester County School Board

Education: I graduated from High School and chose to seek a career in trades vs going to college. Since that time, I have obtained a number of various certifications. Including online study to become a licensed Minister

Relevant Employment History: Hampton Roads Regional Quality Coordinator – This position has allowed me to work with a very diverse set of project managers, contractors, and engineers.

Military Experience / Branch / Years of Service / Rank / Type of Discharge: None.

Past Offices Held and Tenure: None

Community Service: 
Minister at my local church
Missionary work in India and Estonia
Trash Clean-up for Adopt a Highway
Assist local teachers in decorating their classrooms
Volunteer time at the voting polls
Prepare food and serve meals at the homeless shelter
Mentor young men that need a father figure

Leadership Experience:
I have been in Leadership for over 25 years, as a foreman over my crew, then to a Senior Foreman running multiple crews, as a superintendent of an entire project, and as a project manager managing multiple projects.
I oversee 6 ministries at my local church
I am the Director of the Men’s Ministry at my local church
I was the Connection Group Director at a church that had over 500 members
I have led multiple connection groups
I am a Dave Ramsey Certified Financial Counselor

Personal Strengths: People Person, Passionate, Pragmatic, Caring, Win-Win mentality,

What is the most important thing Virginians need to know about you? I am here to stay! When my company wanted to transfer me to another state, I turned down a very lucrative deal to stay in Virginia, because Virginia is for lovers, and Ii love people from all walks of life. As the birthplace of our nation, we need to teach all of history, the good and the bad so we can learn from the bad and improve the good.

How would your friends and family describe you? Outgoing, friendly, hospitable. Fun to be around.


What are your thoughts on the Constitution as the Law of the Land? The Constitution is the highest Law of the Land, thereby any legislation that appears to be law must be in agreement with the constitution as already declared in Marbury vs Madison “All laws which are repugnant to the Constitution are null and void.”


What are your thoughts on religious liberty? We need to uphold all religious freedoms! The first amendment states that government shall not pass any laws that prohibit the establishment of any religion or free practice thereof. The constitution never states that a church cannot have a voice in government. We need to abolish the tax code that threatens a church’s 501 c3 status if they speak on behalf of a particular candidate.


What are your thoughts on the preservation of our history? We need to teach ALL history, the good and the bad so that we can learn from the bad and improve the good.


What are your thought on government transparency?  We need 100% government transparency, especially in budget bills that spends taxpayers’ money.


What are your thoughts on national defense? If we do not build the wall and require everyone to come through the door, we will not have a nation to defend. Our military needs new equipment and more Naval ships, at the rate of the Biden Administration, China will overpower our Navy by 2030.


What are your thoughts on the free enterprise system? Capitalism is the way to grow an economy, Socialism has never worked and will bankrupt America if we let it continue.


What are your thoughts on the protection of the unborn? Killing a baby after the moment of conception is murder.


What are your thoughts on the role the family plays in America? The Biblical concept of a family identified as 1 man and 1 woman raising children.


What are your thoughts on equal rights, equal justice and equal opportunity, as opposed to equal outcomes?Everyone, regardless of skin color or race, should have equal treatment and opportunity. What they do with that opportunity will determine the outcome.


What are your thoughts on the 2nd Amendment? We should have constitution carry in every state. We also need to stop infringing on the right to carry at work such as schools, churches, and other localities.


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