Full Name: Barbara Banks

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Office Sought: House of Representatives,
11th Congressional District


Party Affiliation: Republican

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Facebook only

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Phone Number:(703) 787-9008

Campaign Email: BarbaraBanksForCongress@protonmail.com

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Candidate Initiated

Structured Interview Response and Date:
6 April 2022

Vetting Panel Selected: Pending

Structured Interview Completed: Pending

Biography: Barbara Banks is a self-published author, a retired USAF Lieutenant Colonel with 27 years of combined active and reserve service, and a federal employee with the Department of Defense for 25 years. She was commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant at the University of Texas at Austin and entered active duty with the 35th Tactical Fighter Wing, George AFB, CA. She served as an avionics maintenance officer for 4 years in support of F-105 (Thunderchief/Thud) and F-4 (Phantom) fighter aircraft. She subsequently served as a military intelligence officer at the 48th Tactical Fighter Wing/RAF Lakenheath, Suffolk, England in support of the F-111 (Ardvark) fighter bomber mission. While at RAF Lakenheath, she was a Squadron Intelligence Officer, a Wing Intelligence Training Officer, and the Wing Operations Intelligence Branch Chief managing 15 personnel supporting 4 squadron intelligence offices. She entered the USAF Reserves Intelligence Individual Mobilization Augmentee (IMA) program serving DoD for 19 years. Lt Col Banks was recalled to active-duty and mobilized in 1990 for DESERT SHIELD/DESERT STORM to support military operations in Iraq. She managed the design and development of a Bomb Damage Assessment (BDA) system to support operations in the forward area, and received the USAF Reserve HQ IMA of the Year award.

Following her mobilization, she began working for the federal government. Barbara served as a Congressional Liaison Officer to support DoD during the Senate Select Committee for the POW/MIA Investigation. She also served at the Defense Intelligence Agency in Program Management and as a Regional Studies Analyst. Barbara also supported the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency in Program Management Strategic Planning, and performed as a liaison to the Director of National Intelligence for major studies.

Barbara was born and raised in a coal mining/steel mill community in western Pennsylvania with a population of 5,000. She was active at the age of 12 working at the new town library. Some of her other accomplishments include writing and directing a Christmas play performed for elementary school students, played girls’ intramural basketball, sang in the choir, performed as a majorette, and was Captain of the majorette squad in her senior year.

Barbara attended the University of Pittsburgh for 2 years prior to transferring to the University of Texas at Austin where she participated in the USAF ROTC program and was commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant. She completed ROTC flight ground school and obtained a private pilot’s license while in Austin where she flew a Cherokee 140.

Barbara is married to Charles “Chuck” Banks. Chuck is a retired USAF fighter pilot who flew the F-4, F-105, and F-111 and an observation aircraft (O-2); a retired DoD employee; and a self-published author of his memories as a fighter pilot. They have two daughters, who each completed their BS and MS – one in biomedical and the other in electrical/systems engineering. 

Why you?  My studies and experience prepared me for a national public policy role. I began my academic studies with a prelaw focus intending to eventually run for Congress. I eventually joined the Air Force and focused on aviation, military operations, the intelligence cycle, and national security topics. I have kept abreast of national security and foreign affairs news throughout my professional life. My studies expanded to eventually cover economic and capital/financial markets. The research papers that I have written over the years attest to my broad range of interests in national policy to include:

– “Report on the History of the Vietnam War”;
– “Communism in the United States”;
– “Congress: A Decision-Making Body”;
– “Regional Contrasts of Various Characteristics of the Electorate and a Vote For McGovern in 1972”;
– “The War on Poverty”;
– “The American Military has been Rationalized and Professionalized over the Past Century (1868-1968)”;
– “The War Powers Act”;
– “A Justification of General MacArthur’s Dismissal”;
– “The Versatility of Conceptual Models in Analyzing Foreign-Military Policy”;
– “Congress: The Final Check on Defense Programs and Budgets”;
– “Women and Military Service”;
– “Nuclear Fallout as Air Pollution”;
– “Man’s Impact on the Global Environment”;
– “The Relationship Between the Individual and Society”;
– “Euthanasia”;
– “Sexual Equality”;
– “The Evolution of Pragmatism in California”‘;
– “A Review of Public Administration Theories”;
– “A Framework for Public Administration”;
– “Social Security and its Financial Dilemma”;
– “The Value-Added Tax: A Possible Supplement to the U.S. Tax System?”;
– “A Policy Implementation Study on Education for the Gifted and Talented”; and
– “In Search for Value in Equities: The Warren Buffett Way”

I feel that I am ready to represent my constituency in Congress but never anticipated such turmoil in our culture as we have experienced in the past 20 years in the Information Age.

What are your priorities?
Civil Service Reform: Government operations are bloated, slow, underutilize talent, and disincentivize efficient operations and cost savings. Federal employees as experts in their functional areas should be given greater determination in government operations by moving away from stilted, hierarchical structures that lean to autocratic management styles stifling talent, change, and promote efficiencies. Federal employees will be accountable for Hatch Act violations and partisan politics. Partisan employee reforms are subject to change.

National Defense/Security: Our military posture will be strengthened thru cost cuts and efficiencies in DoD, upgraded equipment, improve morale, and enhance cyber security forces.
Immigration Reform: Review of DHS activities and border operations should be reviewed and actions since Jan 2021 rolled back.
Federal Spending: Conduct federal program audit and eliminate wasteful, reckless spending.
– Welfare Reform: Review of government programs that disincentivize work ethic in the population and capital spending in businesses.
Education: Review higher education tuition increases over the last 25 years, endowment increases, and tax benefits.
Election Integrity: All election materials including ballot machines, software, servers, transmission will be grounded in the U.S.

Dr. Bruce Hapke, noted American planetary scientist, currently a professor emeritus at the University of Pittsburgh. In 2021, he was recognized for his extraordinary achievements in the field. Dr. Hapke, who correctly predicted the texture of the moon’s porous, sandy surface, was among the first scientists to receive materials for study from the Apollo 11 mission. He predicted that particles of iron in the moon’s soil affected its brightness. When that particle was discovered, it was named Hapkeite in his honor.

Mark Gerold, MD, experienced in family medicine and urgent care with special interests in integrative medicine, functional medicine, acupuncture, activator technique, mold toxicity, intravenous nutrient therapy, BHRT, intraarticular laser therapy and regenerative medicine including PRP, prolotherapy and every form of ozone including MAH, Prolozone, Hemozone, ENT ozone and ColonOzone.

BA, Government/Political Science, University of Texas at Austin
MPA, LBJ School of Public Affairs, University of Texas at Austin, 1991
U.S. Department of State, Regional Studies Course, Foreign Service Institute, 1996
MSF, The George Washington University, Washington, D.C., 2006


Relevant Employment History: My last assignment as an Avionics Maintenance Officer was managing 300 out of 500 personnel encompassing several shops. My duties encompassed occasional counseling of difficult situations, monitoring the squadron budget and expenditures, and additional ad hoc USAF Base details that included: Guest Speaker at Base Social Actions events, Standby Mortuary Duty, and as a member of Court Martials held by the JAG office on base.

Developing a Wing Intelligence Training Program which received an award from the USAF Europe HQ.

Developing and Managing a Bomb Damage Assessment system as a USAF Reservist recalled to active duty to support military operations which received USAF Reserve and DoD recognition.

Working as a Strategic Planner as well as a Program Manager for a federal agency

Serving as a Congressional Liaison to support a Congressional Select Committee as well as serving as an Agency Liaison to the Director of National Intelligence Strategic Planning and Programming Offices.

Military Experience / Branch / Years of Service / Rank / Type of Discharge:
USAF active/reserve / 8.5 years active duty, 19 years reserve duty/ Lt Colonel / Honorable Discharge
USAF Avionics Maintenance Officer, 4 years
USAF Operations Intelligence Officer, 23 years

Past Offices Held and Tenure:
Member, Fairfax County Airports Advisory Committee, 1998-2001
Chairman, Fairfax County Airports Advisory Committee, 1999-2001
Member, Hunter Mill District Land Use Committee, 1998-2001

Community Service:
Served on the Fairfax County Airports Advisory Committee
Served on the Hunter Mill Area Land Use Committee
Lector in her Catholic Church for 12 years.

Leadership Experience:
My background reflects several leadership roles and significant management expertise on projects.

Led my family’s self-publishing experiences through extensive research, learning to use specialized design software to create things like websites, logos, 3-D media, advertising and marketing, etc.

Led a team of DoD computer programmers and USAF targeting personnel to design and develop a BDA reporting system to support military operations in Iraq in 1990.

Led my family to understand that life is about learning to reach your potential and that potential changes with age. My family learned that life is about having different experiences and challenging yourself, and finally, life is about relationships. I led my family to develop routines, led them to plan ahead for summer fun and learning activities, led them to appreciate each other by eating dinner together daily and sharing news of the day, and just enjoying each other’s company knowing that each of us will always be there for the others.

Led my family to develop as team members to share tasks around the home, to share each other’s joy in their accomplishments, and to teach each other things they may not know. My husband and I developed educational software to use to teach our daughters basic math, the states and capitals in the U.S. and countries and capitals around the world; and how to create and manage a budget.

As Captain of the Majorettes in high school, I led a squad of majorettes to develop twirling routines, initiated the use and training of fire batons, and sought our participation in the Annual Majorette Competition which we had never participated in before.

In junior high, I sought permission from teachers to produce a Christmas play for elementary school children. I wrote the script, selected the actors, and directed the play.

Personal Strengths:
I strive to learn and understand both sides to an issue and seek constructive solutions.
I enjoy working and producing something that serves a purpose, improves a situation, or solves a problem.
I delegate tasks but am always open to teach or to provide guidance.
I love creating a family and helping young minds to learn to think and analyze to reach their potential. I enjoy being available to support my family, and my husband, and expect them to be there for me.

What is the most important thing Virginians need to know about you?
I believe in understanding the pros and cons of an issue and do not shy from doing the hard, right thing.
I will provide the facts in a situation.
I believe that mothers and fathers play a special role in raising their children. Parents are children’s first teachers who will help them develop a strong belief system (in God, between right and wrong, and respect for their elders and family) and a foundation of values that their children will use throughout life as a guide to find happiness, enjoy learning, and achieve success.

How would your friends and family describe you? Always busy, works hard to understand the issue or how to accomplish something, forgets to have fun at times, honest, loves learning, provides extra information because she likes teaching and sharing information with others, had a life full of interesting experiences like learning to fly a plane at the age of 22, knows how to plan 2-week Europe vacations, loves the beach, and really loves her family.

What are your thoughts on the Constitution as the Law of the Land? Our Founding Fathers created the Constitution based on observing and studying various forms of government used over thousands of years and learning about philosophers’ thoughts on man and civilization. The Constitution limits the power of the 3 branches of government as well as providing checks and balances while keep a close eye to make them answerable to the people. Over the year that it took to create the Constitution, it embodied many compromises from our founding fathers to ensure that the people were the primary focus in order to preserve their God given right of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness (property). The only thing still missing was a Bill of Rights which came later.    


What are your thoughts on religious liberty? The U.S. was created ensuring that there wasn’t a national religion and people were free to worship in their own way. Given that the U.S. was created based on the belief of God-given inalienable rights, for years, many schools said a prayer and the pledge of allegiance to start the public school day in grades 1-5. Over the years, this ended. For whatever reasons, many people not only have no church or spiritual experience, but their children are not given the opportunity to benefit from the act of prayer and developing an understanding or a relationship with God. Some people talk about the purpose of life, or struggle finding their way as they age. I would venture to say that if as a society we reintroduce prayer and patriotism in schools in the lower grades, we may enlighten our children to a more positive path in life. But we must treat religions equally on school property and not show preference to any particular religion. 


What are your thoughts on the preservation of our history? Everything has a history which can’t be changed, rather, it can be reinterpreted. The history of our country covers many events involving many people and different values, educational insights, and experiences. So as events unfold, decisions are made. We will never get everyone to agree on any issue. The purpose of history is to learn from our past to improve our future. It is up to each individual to develop their attributes and contribute in their own positive way to make the world a better place.


What are your thought on government transparency? I believe in government transparency, however, there may be occasions when a reasonable delay in distributing information may be needed for national security purposes. Our founding fathers’ top priority was to ensure that the people’s God given inalienable rights were protected. They accomplished this not only with the separation of powers between the 3 branches of government but also between the separation of powers between the federal government and state governments, which are closer to the people. Leaders or government players who hide information, misinform, or lie about the facts are usually the weakest and possibly the more dangerous and should not hold the public’s trust. The strongest leaders are those who deal with the facts whether it is for credit or blame, deal constructively with the issues, and then move on. Biden stated he believes in TRUTH not FACTS and redirects blame for things that go wrong or get poor results during his administration.   


What are your thoughts on national defense? The Preamble states “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common “defence”, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity”. I believe the DoD should be a lean, mean, fighting machine. The DoD should be building up the morale of the troops in order for them to train and mobilize to provide for our common defense. They should be adequately supplied with the most advanced equipment in order to defend from a position of strength and not need to go to war. Our representatives and leaders are failing in this regard because the DoD budget is declining, there is waste in DoD programs, and CRT training and mandatory vaccines regardless of natural immunity, are demoralizing the troops. Some of our representatives and leaders are promoting open borders which is resulting in bringing in disease, drugs, sex trafficking, criminals and destabilizing the U.S. The phrase “Promote the general welfare” does not mean paying people to not work or provide monetary support and housing for people who cross the southern border because the current administration is breaking Congressionally passed and Presidential-signed laws. The reckless spending and mounting national debt that is occurring is evidenced by the infrastructure bill where 90% of the money is for purposes other than infrastructure and is not in keeping with the preamble to secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.


What are your thoughts on the free enterprise system? I believe in the U.S. capitalist system that provides for minimal government control and encourages competition. Over the past 20 years as the global economy has grown extensively and as technology and social media have dominated our lives, a ruling class has developed as never before. Interference into each other’s domestic affairs in the name of competition or power grabbing has become easier with technology and social media. These tools are being used by political leaders to sway public opinion and misinform the public on issues that are not for the good of the nation, but only for the good of those seeking influence and power. We need more capital investments to develop greater competition in these industries for the protection of the people and our nation. Unfortunately, we have witnessed influential politicians who are reaping the benefits of being global power brokers at possibly our national expense.  


What are your thoughts on the protection of the unborn? I believe in the protection of the unborn but realize that not all women’s bodies are created equal and therefore, various medical conditions or circumstances might need to be considered. The real question is why are people willing to risk a pregnancy when they don’t want a pregnancy? Women’s role in reproducing is the most beautiful act to humanity but unfortunately, it isn’t viewed with the same level of respect as those who are married and growing a family. People are smarter, have freedom to decide and make choices when they take on risk. While the end result of a pregnancy may be a surprise based on poor values or preparation, the unborn should be protected because the woman did not create the child alone. The child has a father and mother who should show more compassion and responsibility for the decisions they made. All children have a father and mother, and we should strive to increase the value of parenting for the future of our nation by dealing with the issues at hand and not just as a matter of convenience.   


What are your thoughts on the role the family plays in America? I believe parents should strive to create a stable home environment to live and raise their children. Mothers and fathers play a special role in raising their children. They are children’s first teachers who will help them develop a strong belief system and a foundation of values. Children will build on this foundation and use it throughout life as a guide and a shield against challenges as they pursue happiness, enjoy learning, become self-sufficient to take care of themselves and be responsible for their actions, and achieve success. In the end, children should learn that the family is a team that works together with tasks at home, plays together, enjoys each other, and helps each other knowing in the end that they can count on their family.  


What are your thoughts on equal rights, equal justice and equal opportunity, as opposed to equal outcomes? Our Founding Fathers thought about the meaning of natural law, so they incorporated in the Declaration of Independence that people had certain inalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness (property). These were God-given rights, inherent to being human, and couldn’t be taken away “without due process”. The Founders’ understood natural rights to include the right to life, the right to think for oneself, the right to self-defense, and the right to keep what you earned thru honest work. They also realized that you may have a right but not have the freedom to exercise that right because of laws and rules so people needed protections. Not everyone is born with the same level of capabilities and may not want to develop their potential. In the Founders’ minds, liberty can’t coexist with equal outcomes because it would be wasteful, controlling, and fruitless. To expect equal outcomes would waste time and resources and prevent some people from fully developing their capabilities all for a wasteful power struggle to control individual freedoms.   


What are your thoughts on the 2nd Amendment?  Our Founding Fathers believed that people had a right to defend themselves. While safety concerns in the 1700s from animals, claim jumpers, etc. were quite different than today, we also have safety concerns today that we never imagined 20 years ago. People should have the right to bear arms for their own protection. On the other hand, red flag laws have been passed in 19 states which some people challenge. Red flag laws appear to be similar in intent as “probable cause” before being stopped, questioned, or arrested. There must be a reason or probable cause to detain a person on suspicion of wrongdoing. While states are developing red flag laws so that anyone who discovers someone with a weapon who may appear to be a danger to self or others can report it to authorities to prevent further harm. This enables authorities to remove the weapon and investigate further. As long as red flag laws aren’t excessive, they should help increase safety, not hinder it.


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