Full Name: Manga A. Anantatmula

Nick Names:


Office Sought: House of Representatives,
11th Congressional District


Party Affiliation: Republican


Campaign Website:

Campaign POC:

Phone Number: 571-572-2140

Campaign Email: manga@mangaforcongress.com

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3 Dec 2021, 20 Dec 2021, 29 Dec 2021, 16 Jan 2022, 25 Jan 2022, 27 Jan 2022, 31 Jan 2022, 1 Feb 2022, 11 Feb 2022, 17 Feb 2022, 2 Mar 2022, 4 Mar 2022

Structured Interview Response and Date:
4 March 2022

Vetting Panel Selected: Pending

Structured Interview Completed: Pending

Biography: I believe in the American Dream. As a first-generation immigrant from India, our wonderful nation gave my family and I a chance to live that dream.

I am running for Congress in the 11th District of Virginia to keep the American Dream alive for everyone – freedom and liberty with equal justice under the Rule of Law.

My family has always stood up to fight for freedom. Like the Founding Fathers of America, my grandfather was a freedom fighter who fought against the British for Independence. Later, he joined Gandhi’s movement and stood side-by-side with him for a free India.

I was born in India. My father worked for the Indian Government, managing several Indian states. Because of his work, I traveled a lot and experienced different cultures. My father was wealthy, and I was fortunate to have lived better than most in India.

As a legal immigrant, I live my American Dream!

My husband and I took a chance and moved to the US to pursue our American Dream and my husband wanted to pursue his doctorate degree in the United States. We gave up our affluent lifestyle and moved to the United States, legally, with our young son. I supported the family while my husband pursued higher education. For several years, we lived below poverty. During this period, I survived on one small meal a day, so that my son would be well-fed and decently dressed for school.

I refused to take any government assistance for my son even though the Fairfax County Public School offered free lunch during his school days. My husband and I worked hard to pull ourselves up. We believe in individual responsibility, self-reliance, and hard work, and we taught these same values to our son. Today, my son proudly serves the nation as LCDR in the US Navy.
I worked my way to US Citizenship and a Security Clearance. My work with the Department of Defense and DHS proved to be the most rewarding and patriotic experience. 

Why you?  I am the only mother, wife and minority running in the race and aim to keep our political house in order. I believe in the American Dream. As a first-generation immigrant from India, our wonderful nation gave my family and I the chance to live that dream. I am Pro Parent, America First and most importantly, Pro Freedom. I am running for US Congress to represent the unique and diverse constituents of Virginia’s 11th District and to commit to protect and preserve our Constitution and your God given rights.

What are your priorities?

Parents know what is best for their children. As the only woman, mother, and minority running for Congress in Virginia’s 11th District, I offer a unique perspective and experience. Education is paramount and it is critical that each parent has a choice as to how their children are educated. Parental involvement should be encouraged and never mocked. I stand with parents in VA-11 and across the country.

I am unapologetically Pro America and Pro Constitutional Rights. I stand for values that we can all get behind which are enshrined in our Constitution. I will not bow down to the desires of elite globalists to take down our great nation. I will take a stand to do what is in the best interest of the citizens of VA-11 so that the United States of America remains a beacon of freedom of hope and a light to the rest of the world.

Far too many career politicians in Washington have traded freedom for political expediency. I am committed to using the Constitution as my guide when voting on any legislation. I will proactively meet with and listen to my constituents in VA-11 and take action without delay when there is even a question of an infringement on freedom.

Commander Chuck Smith – “I am endorsing Manga because she is one of the most vibrant and authentic politicians I have ever met. She made great strides in the 11th district in 2020 and her race is one to watch. Manga is the best candidate to turn this paramount district in Virginia red. As an immigrant, she has faced trials that many immigrants face- and she believes in America, as I do. She’s a savvy business leader and a Navy Mom who will defend our military- which we are seeing, is so important now. She carried more precincts last year- when the district was drawn less favorably- than anyone else ever had, and she is the best candidate to win this district with better lines and a good Republican year. I endorse America First conservative Manga Anantatmula for Virginia’s 11th District.”

Amanda Chase, Virginia State Senator
Kim Klacik, President of Red Renaissance PAC and former Republican Nominee for Congress in Maryland’s 7th District,
Jeff Dove, VA11 Congressional Nominee in 2018
Khalida Nawabi, President of Free Afghanistan
Zafar Sahito, Founder of Jeay Sindh Freedom Movement

Past Endorsements in 2020:
Rep. Rob Wittmann
Kevin McCarthy
Sen. Ted Cruz
Mark Meadows
Scott Pressler

Education: B.A. English Literature, Political Science, and History, India.
I have achieved numerous professional certifications from institutions including GWU, PMI.


Relevant Employment History: Contract Performance Evaluation Expert & Acquisition Subject Matter Expert (SME) in DoD and DHS. I have managed programs up to $8.8 BIL

Military Experience / Branch / Years of Service / Rank / Type of Discharge:
I am a proud supporter of our armed forces, military families and veterans. My own son served as a CDR in the Navy. I’ve seen first hand the sacrifices men and women make to serve our country. To our nation’s heroes – those currently serving and our veterans – thank you for your service. Words are never sufficient to fully express my gratitude for your service.

Past Offices Held and Tenure: None

Community Service:
I ran Indian Classical music school and Sunday school for 13 years for free for kids 4 – 14 yrs.

The spirit of volunteerism is the heart of American culture. I made many inroads into the communities in my congressional race in 2020. I continued outreach to minority communities to make the GOP stronger. I relentlessly garnered support of the Indian community and other minority communities for Youngkin-Sears-Miyares campaigns in 2021. I also poll watched everyday during the early voting and on election day. I made direct contact with the voters at all polling places in VA 11th district every single day during the early voting which resulted in a 7 point gain. I believe in making a direct impact in the district. I was a dedicated poll greeter in 2021.

Additionally, I have served as one of the only Indian Americans since 2015, who has tirelessly fought against discrimination in Ivy School admissions as a Civil Rights activist.

I was first to call the bluff of USCIRF as the religious freedom activist in 2014

Leadership Experience:
First Indian American to run for Congress from Virginia
Only Indian American since 2015, fighting against discrimination in Ivy School admissions as a Civil Rights activist
First to call the bluff of USCIRF as the religious freedom activist in 2014

Personal Strengths:
Honesty and integrity

What is the most important thing Virginians need to know about you? I am a legal immigrant and am so grateful for the United States of America. I understand first hand the desire of Virginians to live the American Dream. I am a mother and understand the concerns parents have for their children and future generations. Most importantly, I stand for the protection and promotion of the Constitution. I see that Virginians simply want to be able to live in freedom – freedom from mandates, lockdowns, and fear of sky high inflation. My future Constituents want to know that their Constitutional Rights are being protected and not compromised. I am committed to using the Constitution as my guide when voting on any legislation. I will proactively meet with and listen to my constituents in VA-11 and take action without delay when there is even a question of an infringement on freedom.

How would your friends and family describe you? Go getter, straight forward, honest, trustworthy, and fearless.

What are your thoughts on the Constitution as the Law of the Land? As an immigrant and as your candidate running for Congress, I am committed to support the US Constitution.I will always stand for the freedoms the citizens of VA-11 are blessed to have through the US Constitution. During these unprecedented times, we have seen freedom of speech under attack. Freedom of speech is vital so that all voices are heard- even those we disagree with. We have the right to peacefully assemble. We have the blessing of freedom of religion. The American people love freedom and I will stand up to protect and cherish freedom even when others denounce our freedom as not “politically correct.” Our Founders knew that freedom can offend. This is why the First Amendment to the Constitution says that Congress cannot “…make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.” If these rights were not protected by the Constitution, then no freedom would be protected. If just one of these freedoms is suppressed, then all are suppressed. As citizens, you and I must stand up and protect our Constitution when our elected officials want to negate our freedoms. I stand for values that we can all get behind which are enshrined in our Constitution: Equal Opportunity Legal Immigration Meritocracy in Education Favorable Trade Agreements to take care of American businesses first Opening up the Keystone Pipeline so we are not dependent on foreign oil Espousing Free Market Capitalism Saying NO to Socialism Putting a stop to run away government spending Removing bureaucratic red tape Supporting our men and women in uniform serving our country Promoting and not apologizing for American excellence Holding our local, state and federal leaders accountable Taking direction from constituents NOT foreign governments I am unapologetically Pro America and Pro Constitutional Rights. Our commitment to the Constitution puts a brake on their political power and transfers that power to you! I will challenge the status quo of political correctness in Washington, even amid outrage by powerful politically backed groups who want political correctness, to protect your Constitutional interest and freedom in VA-11.    

What are your thoughts on religious liberty? Religious freedom is under attack in our country and it should concern all Americans – regardless of religious belief or preference. The Constitution provides a roadmap to ensure that religious liberties are protected – whether it is the right of conscience to the ability to freely worship, to the right to live out one’s faith regardless if others do not approve. In Congress, I will firmly stand for the protection for all to worship freely without fear. The US Constitution highlights the principle of freedom of religion, not freedom from religion.   

What are your thoughts on the preservation of our history? We must be teaching our students in school all of history and teach them how to think – not what to think. We absolutely must guard against divisive and Marxist ideologies seeking to rewrite history through the lenses of Critical Race Theory and equity. We have a rich history and all history – the good and bad must be taught. The intentional omission of history leads to history repeating and the very atrocities that we claim must never happen again certainly then can happen again. I fully support the involvement of parents in the schools to see first hand what students are learning and pose important questions if there is a concern about the omission of or rewriting of our history.

What are your thought on government transparency? As your future Member of Congress, I will lead by example and open dialogue with my constituents on my voting record in Congress and policy positions. Members of Congress are certainly not above the law. I will work to restore integrity in our justice system and hold those in power accountable. I am troubled greatly by the double standard Members of Congress have created for themselves such as being exempt from Obama Care provisions and exempt from the unconstitutional Covid-19 mandates, glaring double standards of scolding average Americans from driving a minivan while jumping on a gas guzzling jet to fly to a “climate summit”. Members of Congress and policymakers must be held to the same standard as all US citizens and are not above the law. Tax payers are entitled to know where their hard earned dollars are spent. I will work on not only cutting spending, but exposing the government waste that is unjustly harming the financial futures of American citizens. On the privacy front, if elected I will commit to vote to repeal the Patriot Act. We must put an end to the federal government’s illegal spying on American citizens without a warrant.   

What are your thoughts on national defense? National Security is one of the most pressing issues facing America. International terrorism, in its many forms, is a grave threat to our country. Russian, Chinese and Iranian aggression must be faced with strength. I am pro America through and through. Our military strength and Border Security are the cornerstones of our National Security. With a strong military and secured borders, our nation is safe and it reassures our allies thereby enhancing world peace and prosperity. When elected, I will support investments in the safety, security, and reliability of our nuclear deterrent, investments in our special operations forces, and will support the training and equipping of the security forces of friendly nations. To keep our Homeland safe, we must make our national security a top priority not only by providing our military forces with the best capability to monitor evolving threats throughout the World, but also by securing our borders. 


What are your thoughts on the free enterprise system? I am a champion of small businesses. The American Dream is your right to become prosperous and successful without government interference. Achieving the American Dream is done through your hard work and not the government’s work. I am a strong believer in the government staying out of the private sector. To quote Ronald Reagan, “Government isn’t the solution to our problems. Government is the problem.” The government’s role is to ensure a fair playing ground for businesses to operate. That does not mean that the government cannot assist the economy during hard times, such as in a depression. The government, in control of the money supply, has the organization and power to reduce the impact when the economy is under attack. Monetary policy dictates that when a sizable portion of the American workforce does not have employment, the government’s duty is to add money to the system. I support such governmental powers during such times. However, every President since Franklin Roosevelt has added to the national debt. Many Americans see the addition of national debt with each administration and want to see it reversed. And the current pandemic is adding trillions more. If elected, I will work with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to reverse our national debt.   

What are your thoughts on the protection of the unborn? As a mother, I am appalled by the gross misuse of the phrase “women’s rights” in association with abortion. Abortion ends the life of the most innocent and vulnerable. Planned Parenthood is an over 1 billion dollar organization predominantly funded by abortion – a direct violation of the physical and emotional well being of women, girls and the innocent unborn. As your Congresswoman, I will commit to supporting legislation that defends a woman’s physical and emotional wellbeing and ensure that does not come at the expense of the life of an innocent unborn child. Planned Parenthood is a misogynist organization and a special interest group that leftist and progressive leaders nurture for their political gains. Abortion is a dead end street leading to the death of an innocent life and lasting physical and emotional ramifications for the woman involved. The current sitting Member of Congress for VA-11 seems more concerned about campaign donations from the largest provider of abortions than about a woman’s body and her emotional and physical wellbeing – and he says he is ‘pro woman’. Being pro woman means that one must stand for the lives and protection of women from the womb to the tomb. Tax dollars should never go to Planned Parenthood. I would reallocate those funds to providing better education, create specialized schools and afterschool programs for economically less fortunate children, and life giving support for families in need – not abortion!   

What are your thoughts on the role the family plays in America? Parents know what is best for their children. As the only woman and mother running for Congress in Virginia’s 11th District, I offer a unique perspective and experience. Education is paramount and it is critical that each parent has a choice as to how their children are educated. Parents have a right to know and be fully engaged in what is taking place in the classroom and not be barred from having a voice at the table. The parent is the first teacher in the home and chooses to entrust each student to schools. The Parent has the final say in what is best for children. The schools shall never take on the role of a co-parent in a child’s life. Parents send their children to school to learn – reading, writing, math, history – to be educated and not indoctrinated. While Fairfax County Public Schools were closed for ever a year, the incumbent sat on his hands. I met with concerned parents and advocated for schools to open. While students across the country went back to school in the Fall of 2020, students in the 11th district suffered significant and irreparable learning loss through remote learning. VA-11 needs an advocate for school choice with a coupon and excellence in education in Congress. Parental involvement is paramount and never mocked. I stand with parents in VA-11 and across the country.   

What are your thoughts on equal rights, equal justice and equal opportunity, as opposed to equal outcomes? I came to the United States as a legal immigrant – for the opportunity, not the assurance, to succeed. The American Dream is just that – equal opportunity without a ceiling. Our blueprint must always be the US Constitution. When we stray from equal opportunity towards equity (the attempt to force specific outcomes) we place an artificial and debilitating cap on achievement and opportunity. Sadly, our very education system in the United States is under attack and the very roadmap for academic excellence of meritocracy is under attack and as a result our students will continue to fall behind in academic achievement. Meritocracy based education is true equality in education – the ability for all to set goals and achievement. How do we enable meritocracy? I support school choice with coupons so each family can make the best decision for children on where and how to learn. What is a school choice with a coupon? School Coupon allows public education funds to follow students and the teachers to the schools or services that best fit their needs—whether that’s to a public school, private school, charter school, home school or any other learning environment parents choose for their kids, or teachers who wish to move to the school of their choice. Healthy competition in education is desirable. The secret to children succeeding in school is letting the parent decide which school setup they deem appropriate for their child. Schools competing for students and teachers, greatly increases not only the success of the school but that of the student and teacher as well. Research consistently shows that school choice drastically increases academic success. Only about 40 percent of conventionally schooled students are proficient in reading and math. Why do we keep doing something that fails 60 percent of the time? Private schools, charter schools, and homeschooling offer an education customized to the student that public schools do not. Public school students are thrown into one-size-fits-all classes. We in the United States decide how to run our own country, and how to raise our own children. We do not need political special interests doing that for us. School choice is a must for our families and our children. With a meritocracy based education system, parental involvement, and the removal of political special interests from the classroom and the school board, our children will be set up for success.   

What are your thoughts on the 2nd Amendment? As a citizen and as your future Member of Congress, the US Constitution is my guide. The Constitution clearly outlines the right of each American to bear arms. Whether for hunting and sport or self protection, each American has the Constitutional right to own a firearm. I am committed to protecting that right and ensuring that the Federal and State Governments do not continue to limit and soon take away completely one of the most vital rights of citizens to not just protect themselves but our very nation. If elected, I will support a National Constitutional Carry Bill. I also firmly oppose a national firearms and ammunition registry. I am also committed to voting to oppose Red Flag Laws.

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