Full Name: Jeff Mayhugh

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Office Sought: Congress,
10th Congressional District


Party Affiliation: Republican




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Structured Interview Request Sent: 
19 April 2022, 26 April 2022

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Vetting Panel Selected: Pending

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Biography: My name is Jeff Mayhugh and I’m running because my dad taught me never to step over a mess and congress is a mess. I look around at the world and I worry what my children are seeing. I worry what they’re future has in store. I worry about the lack of leadership Congress has provided during my lifetime. It’s probably the worst stretch in our history. So much deflection and anger. So little leadership and honesty. I’m not a politician and I don’t have any experience, but I am an American and I love this republic. I’ve worked hard to understand the problems our country faces, and I have some fresh ideas, I believe can help.

 1. In the 1920s congress stopped expanding and as the population grew and our representation stayed the same, the people voice was drowned out. If we want our voice back, we must expand the house.

2. In 2010 the Supreme Court ruling of citizens United allowed corporations to funnel unlimited amounts of money into politicians fundraising accounts. Who do you think they will listen to? The people or the people who pay them? This ruling caused the people to lose our power. If we want our power back, we must repeal Citizens United.

3. We need to make sure our children and grandchildren don’t face these problems. We must pass congressional term limits.

I’m just a regular guy who thinks deeply and loves his family. I’d rather be building one of my business ideas or helping my community love reading they way I do. I’m not interested in fundraising or name calling. I am interested in doing the work necessary to make this country the beacon of hope it should be. (Source: https://www.mayhughforva.com/)

Key Achievements

  • Moved back home to live next to family.

  • Built a business and helped provide jobs to my community and support my family.

  • Raising my family with love.

    (Source: website and published information (https://www.mayhughforva.com/, https://www.mayhughforva.com/_files/ugd/d27b42_80f25d25ad624c76b6dd956941f0056f.pdf)  

Why you? No information available.

What are your priorities? My ideas are not political. Although some may try to make them. My ideas are about the structure of government and the founders’ intent. My ideas are a challenge to our present and future generations. Are we to continue in the spirit of a “government of the people, by the people, for the people,” or are we to perish? Our country was built with hope, by the people who held it their responsibility to do so. It’s time to step up and be those people and project our hope. (Source: website and published information (https://www.mayhughforva.com/_files/ugd/d27b42_80f25d25ad624c76b6dd956941f0056f.pdf)

Expanding the House – It’s written into Article I Section II of the constitution that we should enumerate every 10 years and the purpose was to continue to grow the house. The reason is because our founders wanted to keep representation close to the people. They understood how it felt not to be heard. We need congress to fulfill their duty and expand the house to give a voice back to the people. It will give a voice back to the people, but it will also help us to have a more functional government. In the time we have stopped expanding, our population has tripled. Which means the work of oversight and budgeting has tripled, and which means we need to increase labor. Congress simply can’t keep up with the work load. (Source: website and published information (https://www.mayhughforva.com/_files/ugd/d27b42_80f25d25ad624c76b6dd956941f0056f.pdf)

Citizens United – Citizens United is a supreme court ruling built on a fundamental misunderstanding of the founders intent of corruption. The founders were very concerned with the effects of indirect influence of private interests over the public good. The system was created after Citizens United significantly altered the founders intent on corruption and therefore altered how the government functioned. The now legal indirect corruption has led our parties to support profitable candidates and ideas over candidates and ideas that are qualified. (Source: website and published information (https://www.mayhughforva.com/_files/ugd/d27b42_80f25d25ad624c76b6dd956941f0056f.pdf)

Citizens United allows corporations to funnel unlimited amounts of money into political PAC’s, which legalized the environment of indirect corruption in Congress. It also centralizes power to the parties, corporations, unions and away from the people. We must repeal Citizens United with a constitutional amendment to define corruption and campaign finance with our founders intent. Doing so, would balance the power back to the people and ensure future generations the security of a less corruptible government. (Source: website and published information (https://www.mayhughforva.com/_files/ugd/d27b42_80f25d25ad624c76b6dd956941f0056f.pdf)

Congressional Term Limits – The purpose of the constitution was to balance power and limit corruption from politics, (the amendment process has continued that philosophy by limiting the terms of the presidency with the 22nd amendment and with the 17th amendment and the direct elections of senators.) Both of these amendments were anti-corruption amendments intended to balance power to the people and limit the governments ability to grasp more. (Source: website and published information (https://www.mayhughforva.com/_files/ugd/d27b42_80f25d25ad624c76b6dd956941f0056f.pdf)

In Federalist No. 52, Madison writes about the importance of the of the people holding the House of Representatives accountable. Passing an amendment instituting congressional term limits will enshrine Madison’s vision into our modern society. (Source: website and published information (https://www.mayhughforva.com/_files/ugd/d27b42_80f25d25ad624c76b6dd956941f0056f.pdf)

12-year plan.

Year 1-2: Pass constitutional amendments expanding the house, defining corruption in campaign finance, changing congressional terms, and term limits. This requires inspiring a generation of leaders dedicated to servicing the unions needs over the unions wants. To those who say the government can’t accomplish so much, so fast, understand that, Madison’s government gave the people the tools to make the government move at their pace. If the people get behind it, the government will follow.

Year 2-4: The generation of new leaders will work hand and hand with the past generation to best plan the house expansion. This process needs to be well planned and detailed. Expanding too fast could cause stress on the union, we should be methodical about the process.

Year 4-8: Actually Expand the house.

Year 8-12: Work with expanded house to balance budget and create a solid financial plan for the United States. Once we lessen the influence of private interests over government and give our oversight branch the staff to do their job, we can get to work on paying down our debt.

(Source: website and published information (https://www.mayhughforva.com/_files/ugd/d27b42_80f25d25ad624c76b6dd956941f0056f.pdf)

Endorsements: No information available.


Blue Collar University (2020-Current)
Studies: Government, Philosophy, Sociology, Political Science, History, Presidents. 
Gainesville, VA. (Source: website and published information (https://www.mayhughforva.com/_files/ugd/d27b42_80f25d25ad624c76b6dd956941f0056f.pdf)

Relevant Employment History: 

Piedmont Golf Club 2003-2008

Buser, Server, Lead Server, Dining Room Manager, Service Director.
Haymarket, VA.

Hardhits Custom Apparel 2005- Current

Manassas, VA.

Thank You for Sharing (podcast) 2022

Gainesville, VA.


Idea Manager 
Gainesville, VA.

(Source: website and published information (https://www.mayhughforva.com/_files/ugd/d27b42_80f25d25ad624c76b6dd956941f0056f.pdf)

Military Experience / Branch / Years of Service / Rank / Type of Discharge: No information available.

Past Offices Held and Tenure: No information available. 

Community Service: No information available.

Leadership Experience: No information available.

Personal Strengths: No information available. 

What is the most important thing Virginians need to know about you? 

  • I’ve owned a small business in Virginia since 2005.

  • I am a father of 5. 

  • I love poetry.

  • I like helping people.

  • My wife is my strength. 

  • My heroes are my Father, Grandfather, James Madison, Adam Smith, Frederick Douglass and John Adams.

  • I love to work.

  • I love to read.

  • I love to talk.

  • I love to talk family. (Source: https://www.mayhughforva.com/)

How would your friends and family describe you? No information available.

What are your thoughts on the Constitution as the Law of the Land? 

What is the role of Government? Human beings naturally couple and group. Groups create factions and factions grasp for power. It has always been and will always be. It is our government’s role to balance that power, so each American has an equal opportunity.

What was the purpose behind the constitution? The constitution was written to balance the power in our society so we could unite and become strong enough to free ourselves and protect future generations.

Why do we have an amendment process? The amendment process was gifted to future generations to balance future powers that may arise in society. It was also given to correct any past mistakes. Examples 13th, 14th, 15th, 19th, 21st, 24th amendments.  (Source: website and published information (https://www.mayhughforva.com/_files/ugd/d27b42_80f25d25ad624c76b6dd956941f0056f.pdf)

How passing constitutional amendments will balance America.

28th Amendment: Expand the House. Expanding will help balance power back to the people and away from politicians and
restore the peoples voice.

29th Amendment: The Anti-Corruption Amendment. This will define corruption in campaign finance and balance power away
from corporations, unions and parties and back to the people.

30th Amendment: Congressional Term Limits. This will limit the amount of time a public official can hold office in the house and
therefore limit the power they can grasp with that office.

(Source: website and published information (https://www.mayhughforva.com/_files/ugd/d27b42_80f25d25ad624c76b6dd956941f0056f.pdf)

What are your thoughts on religious liberty? No mention of religious liberty in published information.

What are your thoughts on the preservation of our history? No mention of preservation of history in published information.

What are your thought on government transparency? No mention of government transparency in published information.  

What are your thoughts on national defense? No mention of national defense in published information. 

What are your thoughts on the free enterprise system? No mention of free enterprise in published information.

What are your thoughts on the protection of the unborn? No mention of the protection of life in published information.

What are your thoughts on the role the family plays in America? No mention of restoration or preservation of the family in published information. 

What are your thoughts on equal rights, equal justice and equal opportunity, as opposed to equal outcomes?  No mention of equal rights, equal justice, equal opportunity, or equal outcomes in published information.

What are your thoughts on the 2nd Amendment? No mention of the 2nd Amendment in published information.

Virginia Constitutional Conservatives Candidate Survey 2022 – CANDIDATE REFUSED TO ANSWER


Additional sources of information on this candidate: 

Virginia Constitutional Conservatives Candidate Survey 2022 – CANDIDATE REFUSED TO ANSWER

Published CV (https://www.mayhughforva.com/_files/ugd/d27b42_80f25d25ad624c76b6dd956941f0056f.pdf )



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