Full Name:
Mike Clancy

Nick Names:


Office Sought: House of Representatives,
10th Congressional District


Party Affiliation: Republican 

Campaign Website: 

Campaign POC:

Phone Number: 703-507-3889

Campaign Email:

Structured Interview Request Sent: Completed survey 2022. Updated survey 4 March 2024. 

Structured Interview Response and Date: Yes, March 3, 2024

Vetting Panel Selected: Pending

Structured Interview Completed: Pending

Biography: Mike and his wife Lynn — long time residents of Virginia’s 10th Congressional District — live in Loudoun County and have lived in Northern Virginia for over 30 years. They are proud parents of four terrific sons and members of their local Catholic Church. Lynn is a first responder paramedic with the volunteer fire department.

Mike grew up on Air Force bases and was active in the Boy Scouts, earning the rank of Eagle Scout.

He began his career as an attorney with the Navy Office of General Counsel and was recognized for his service with Superior Performance and Commendation Awards.

Today, Mike is a Senior Vice President with a global technology company where he leads the team responsible for supporting a multi-billion-dollar business focused on the Government (Department of Defense, national security, intelligence, and cybersecurity programs), Education, and Healthcare Sectors in North America. See https://www.mikeclancyforcongress.com/meetmike and the Sections on Mike’s Legal Career and Professional Awards.

Mike is also a conservative media commentator. He is a NEWSMAX Insider — https://www.newsmax.com/insiders/mikeclancy/id-834/ —
and Daily Caller Contributor — https://dailycaller.com/author/mclancy/. Mike appears regularly on various NEWSMAX programs to provide commentary on legal, political and Constitutional law issues.


Why you? As reflected by a growing list of endorsements from conservative leaders (see below) and as noted by several political writers, based on his conservative values, strong ethics, credentials, expertise and experience, “Mike stands out in a very crowded field full of highly qualified and dedicated Republican candidates”; and Mike is the “political outsider [who] has what it takes to” win in November.

Mike is not a career politician. He is a husband, dad, lawyer, senior business executive, conservative media commentator, and devoted to his community. Mike is an exemplary leader, problem-solver, and constitutional conservative with a strong moral compass and substantial background in national security, cybersecurity, healthcare, and federal legislation.

Mike is the lawyer in the race. He is the only candidate who has studied constitutional law, is a member of the Federalist Society, and is a constitutional conservative. Mike is the candidate who is best positioned to fight for us on the constitutional issues and against the cancel culture, the divisive equity agenda, and the radical progressive ideology. In 2023, Mike served on the Republican Legal Team monitoring our elections to ensure the integrity and security of our elections.

Mike is the senior executive business leader in the race. He is a Senior Vice President for a global technology company and served on Governor Youngkin’s Technology & Cybersecurity Transition Team, chaired by Delegate Glenn Davis. He knows how to lead and solve problems.

Mike will fight for us, our families, freedom, and future. Mike will fight for fiscally responsible government and against reckless spending; parents’ rights to make decisions for their children and school choice; our constitutional rights – the right to free speech, the freedom of religion and our 2A rights; robust national security, cybersecurity, energy independence, secure borders, and safe communities.

What are your priorities? My mission in running for Congress is to RESTORE AMERICA.
My priorities:

*Secure the border and shut down the human trafficking and fentanyl pipelines devastating our communities.
*Common-Sense, Fiscally Responsible Government; end the reckless spending driving inflation.
*Pro-growth, free market economic policies and limited government.
*Unleash American energy and restore America’s energy independence.
*Individual Liberty and Constitutional Rights and AGAINST the cancel culture and the radical, divisive DEI agenda.
*Parents’ Rights, school choice and school curriculum focused on core academic subjects; protect women’s sports.
*Strong National Defense and Border Security;
*Mike believes that members of Congress should exhibit the highest ethics and that individual stock trading by members of Congress, their family members, and staff should be prohibited.



“It is my privilege to endorse Mike Clancy for Congress in VA-10. Mike is a principled conservative, a man of faith and integrity, and an exemplary leader who puts service over self. …. We need Mike Clancy in Congress.”

**TIFFANY POLIFKO, Loudoun School Board, 2022-23
“Mike knows that restoring America starts with protecting children from progressive indoctrination in our schools. Mike will fight tenaciously for the fundamental rights of all parents, merit over equity, and school choice for every family. Join me in supporting Mike Clancy for U.S. Congress.”

** STEPHEN MOORE, Chief Economist, FreedomWorks
“Mike is the free-market, limited government conservative we need in Congress to take action against the Democrats’ destructive economic agenda, and to implement pro-growth, free market policies. Please join me in supporting Mike Clancy for Congress.”

** XI VAN FLEET, Author Mao’s America
“We must fight to RESTORE AMERICA, an America based on our foundational values and the Constitution. We need Mike Clancy in the U.S. Congress for this fight. Mike has the integrity, fortitude, and passion to fight for us, for our values and for the Constitution. Join me in supporting Mike Clancy for Congress. We need his leadership.”

** VIRGINIA DELEGATE GLENN DAVIS/Chair, Governor Youngkin’s Technology & Cybersecurity Transition Team
“After serving together on Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s Technology and Cybersecurity Transition Team, I am proud to endorse Mike Clancy for Congress. Mike has proven that he has both the background and the knowledge to face not just the issues of today, but to be prepared for the unknown challenges of tomorrow. In a time when global security has been shaken to its core, I know I can count on Mike to be a stalwart in Congress ensuring that America and its allies have the resources they need to fight and win on the cyber front.”

Former 10th District Chair | State Central Committee | Delegate @ 2012 & 2016 Republican National Conventions
“I wholeheartedly endorse Mike Clancy…I have known Mike and his wife, Lynn, for many years, and I can attest to their wonderful family and strong conservative values. Mike is an attorney, a constitutional conservative, and a business executive…Mike is the only candidate with deep expertise in high tech, business, cybersecurity and constitutional law. Mike is the candidate best positioned to win in November.”

CHECK https://www.mikeclancyforcongress.com/endorsements FOR UPDATES.

* J.D. with Honors, The George Washington University Law School

* Master’s Degree in Bioethics, University of Pennsylvania Medical School

* B.A. with High Honors in Government & Philosophy, University of Notre Dame

* Cybersecurity Policy, Harvard Kennedy School Executive Education Program

* AI Solutions for Healthcare, Harvard Medical School Executive Education Program


Relevant Employment History:  
Senior Vice President, Oracle, a Global Technology Company

Previous Employment:
— Law Firm Partner
— Civilian Attorney with the Navy Office of General Counsel

Military Experience / Branch / Years of Service / Rank / Type of Discharge: N/A

Past Offices Held and Tenure: Mike is not a career politician. Much of the dysfunction in Congress is attributable to career politicians. We need to end the status quo with new bold, courageous leadership. Mike will provide that leadership.


Community Service: Mike is a proven community leader. His priorities over the years have included education, food assistance programs, first responders, youth sports (basketball and baseball coach) and local civic issues.

Most recently, Mike has been a forceful advocate for parents and students at school board meetings and in challenging the discriminatory admissions policy at TJ. As reported in the Washington Post, Mike was recognized as “regularly taking the lectern to speak” in support of parents and children before the Loudoun County School Board.

Leadership Experience: Mike is an exemplary leader. He has extensive experience as the senior vice president leading the team supporting a multi-billion-dollar business; as a trusted advisor and strategist for senior executives; as a law firm partner; and as a community leader serving on nonprofit and community association boards.

Personal Strengths: Faith, integrity, determination, steadfastness, leadership, collaborative, compassionate.

What is the most important thing Virginians need to know about you? As a husband and a Dad, Mike understands the joys, the challenges and anxiety in being a parent, and caring for a family and an elderly parent, dealing with family healthcare issues, and school issues. He will bring that life experience to Congress.

Mike understands that government emanates from the people and exists “by the people people [and] for the people.” Serving in Congress is not about his own self-aggrandizement; it is FOR THE PEOPLE.

Mike will fight for Virginians. He will fight for us, for our families, our freedom and our future. He will be a zealous, relentless advocate, and will bring integrity and principled conservative leadership to Congress.

How would your friends and family describe you? Family and friends shared the following: Mike is caring, believes that his strengths come from God and that he is expected to use his talents to share God’s love with others, educates himself and thinks about issues before making a decision, leads by example, very hard working, holds himself and others to high standards, selfless, compassionate for the needy, great husband and father, a loyal friend, respectful, honest and humble. 

What are your thoughts on the Constitution as the Law of the Land? The U.S. Constitution is the supreme law of the land. As a lawyer who studied Constitutional law, a member of the Federalist Society and a constitutional conservative, Mike believes in limited constitutional government, the separation of governmental powers, the rule of law, protecting individual liberty, and defending our Constitutional rights without exception including the fundamental First Amendment rights to free speech and freedom of religion, and the Second Amendment right to bear arms.


What are your thoughts on religious liberty? The free exercise of religion is guaranteed by the First Amendment; and religious liberty must be protected from the attacks of the cancel culture, the divisive equity agenda, and the radical progressive DEI ideology.


What are your thoughts on the preservation of our history? Knowledge and understanding of our own history — the good and the bad — are essential to being a citizen and engendering patriotism. Further, knowledge of history makes intelligent voters and decision makers in government because sound decisions about present problems must be based on knowledge of the past. 


What are your thought on government transparency? As Lincoln highlighted, the government exists “for the people.” In fact, the Constitution states that “We the people do ordain and establish this Constitution.” All government power, accordingly, comes from the people. Therefore, transparency is essential to ensuring government accountability to the people.


What are your thoughts on national defense? National defense is a foremost function of the federal government. Respect for the military and his commitment to our national defense are part of Mike’s DNA. Mike’s father served in the Air Force and Mike grew up on Air Force bases all across the country. Later Mike worked with the Navy as an attorney and, in his executive leadership role with a technology company, Mike works to support DOD’s national security and intelligence missions. Mike is absolutely committed to ensuring our military is fully funded and equipped to defend America’s interests and protect us around the globe. This must include a comprehensive, robust strategy for confronting cyber war and cyber terrorism, and protecting our IT infrastructure from cyber attacks.


What are your thoughts on the free enterprise system? Free enterprise has proven through the course of history to be the most productive economic model, and the model that best incentivizes and drives innovation. It is characterized by economic freedom, private property rights, competition, limited government and equal opportunity.


What are your thoughts on the protection of the unborn? Mike has been a consistent, steadfast advocate for life. Believing in the importance of compassion and support for the mother with a crisis pregnancy, Mike for many years has supported crisis pregnancy centers and pro-life medical practices.


What are your thoughts on the role the family plays in America? As a husband and a Dad, I believe that family is a core element of society; and that parents are the ultimate decisionmakers related to the care and education for their children.


What are your thoughts on equal rights, equal justice and equal opportunity, as opposed to equal outcomes? All citizens are entitled to EQUAL RIGHTS, EQUAL JUSTICE, and EQUAL OPPORTUNITY, not equal outcomes. This means decisions like college admissions, promotions etc. should be based on the person’s merits, NOT discriminatory so-called “equity” and quotas.


What are your thoughts on the 2nd Amendment? 2A is a fundamental constitutional right. As stated by the Supreme Court in the Heller case, “There seems to us no doubt, on the basis of both text and history, that the Second Amendment confers an individual right to keep and bear arms.” 


Additional sources of information on this candidate: 

Kathleen Anderson from The Sweet Struggle, March 31, 2022
“Mike stand[s] out in a very crowded field full of highly qualified and dedicated Republican candidates. Mike’s breadth and depth of knowledge and relatable experience with everyday Americans and how government should work make him a formidable opponent to any candidate.”

Rebecca Downs from Townhall, March 27, 2022
“Clancy…is a lawyer and the only lawyer in the race…[H]e brings his constitutional conservative…perspective to the race. This is particularly important today when it comes to the First Amendment…[A]s he says, “we need to be aggressive defending against the cancel culture, the censorship, the whole equity, identity politics agenda…infecting the schools, the college campuses, even [our] work places…. Clancy’s concern for his fellow Virginians perhaps came out most of all when it comes to how heavily engaged he is with his community, which…is how he differs from his primary opponents. This includes helping the homeless and low-income families with food assistance programs and affordable housing, as well as single mothers facing unplanned pregnancies.”

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