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The Free Speech or First Amendment Coalition is dedicated to restoring the Constitutionally Guaranteed rights provided by the First Amendment to the Bill of Rights.


Like many aspects of the Constitution, the mis-education of our school system combined with misrepresentations in the media have served to create a condition in the United States today where the average American understands very little of the First Amendment.  Additionally, the First Amendment Rights as outlined in the Constitution only address the possible infringement of this right by creation of laws by the Government.  It does nothing to address the challenges of Censorship by third parties and other non-US government authorities, nor does it require truth, neither partially or completely by the Government to the people.

 The Free Speech Coalition is dedicated to more than just restoring the Constitutionally Guaranteed right to Free Speech.  It is also dedicated to obtaining requirements for honesty in communication in every aspect of Government from the White House down to your local community.  If the individual or organization or project is funded by tax payer funds, we should ensure that they are required to provide the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth to the public AND be held accountable under the law if they are caught misrepresenting or omitting information.

Additionally, and perhaps much more importantly in today’s environment, is that we identify methods and strategies that prevent the wealthy and powerful non-government entities from controlling the narrative and silencing those who present dissenting opinions.

What Free Speech is and what it is not:

 If you walk down any given street in America and ask people at random what Free Speech, as Guaranteed by the Constitution means, most will answer something like “It gives us the right to say whatever we like”. Many talk and act as if the First Amendment is the “Right to Slander” or make baseless claims without evidence.  This basic nescience of our Constitution brought about by the IGNORance spread by our education system and the main stream media is a serious problem in America today. First, neither the Constitution nor the Bill of Rights “Gives” any American Rights, these Rights are inherent because we are human beings. Rather the Bill of Rights is a legal guarantee that Government is prohibited from attempting to deny the exercising of the rights we were born with. The reality is the purpose of the First Amendment was never to allow Americans to “Say anything they want”, but to ensure their critically important right to criticize actions of Government and speak out against unjust laws. Let us take a look at the First Amendment and break it down, section by section so we can better examine the meaning of each phrase.

Amendment I

 Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

  • Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof:
    • Then: At the time of the writing of the Constitution, the founding saw Congress as the exclusive body to create laws within the United States. Additionally, this set the tone for the separation of Church and State, where the Government could not establish or favor any religion, nor prohibit any religious expression.
    • Now: Over time, the Checks and Balances established by the Constitution have been eroded. Laws can be created and imposed by appointed officials, agencies, and other branches of service, such as Executive Orders, other than Congress.
    • Concerns: Does this Guarantee extend to these law-making bodies that are not Congress? Based upon events today, it would appear that is not the case. As we have seen with the execution of the Great Reset, appointed Officials are able to impose lock downs prohibiting Religious gatherings while supporting Atheist gatherings and activities (A different religious view point). Today in America, elected and especially un-elected officials are seriously discussing forcing vaccinations for the “Greater Good” that were made in and still contain aborted fetal tissues. Clearly anyone with a belief in God is being inhibited from exercising their religious values.
  • or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press;
    • Then: The belief at the Founding of America was that the only entity to have the power or capability to suppress Free Speech was Government. Additionally, it was also believed that a press not owned by Government would be free.
    • Now: The consolidation of the Press into less than a half a dozen companies all getting their world news from a single source, the commercial press has the power to control the narrative and information. Additionally, the Government has appointed itself as having the Authority to “Classify Information” denying the public knowledge of what they are doing, and to publicly misrepresent (lie and distribute propaganda).
    • Concerns: Government is restricted by law from abridging freedom of speech; however Big Tech is not. Through partnership of the world’s largest companies, dissenting voices are silenced. These actions are considered not only legal, but protected.
  • the right of the people peaceably to assemble:
    • Then: At the founding of the Nation, the “Nobility” of Europe had great need to keep people from forming together in groups for purposes far different then just demonstrations. Communities and Parishes that meet often developed deep ties with each other also developed strong community self-reliance. Self-reliant people and communities are a threat to those in power because they are very resistant to Tyranny.  For this reason, the Constitution guaranteed the protection of exercising this Right. Most think this is the right to protest, but it is not.  That is covered in the redressing of Grievances covered next. This primarily relates to one’s right to choose Whom they associate with, and perhaps more importantly, whom they choose NOT to associate with!
    • Now: During the execution of the Great Reset, American’s “Right” to assemble was suspended, forcing Americans into isolation. Communities and Parishes were scattered, and community self-reliance was been destroyed.
    • Concerns: The fact that unelected bureaucrats can take away peaceful assemble without accountability is an outrage. The results of this action was exactly the same when the Tyrants of old Europe did this to the people.
  • and to petition the government for a redress of grievances:
    • Then: The people had the right to physically go to the places where Government met, and have their Grievances heard. In a practical sense it was similar to the idea of protesting today. Groups would attend State and Federal Congressional hearings and present their partitions of demands directly to Congress.
    • Now: People are not permitted to enter Congress on the State or Federal level and present grievances. Instead, protestors are locked out of the meetings and rendered ineffective. Their only hope being that the members of Congress may, due to concerns over re-election, be persuaded to support the cause.
    • Concern: Closed hearings that have no avenue for the people to directly petition the government a redress of grievances not only violate the First Amendment, they negate the voice of Americans. It then turns into meaningless noise on the street.

 Current Activities for this Coalition:

The Free Speech Coalition is seeking team members to help with the following activities.  If you would like to take part, please reach to Bob Jones, Coalition Chair:

  • Building De Jure Assemblies within the State of Virginia
  • News Source Evaluation Project
  • Public Education on the first Amendment and methods to circumvent censorship.
  • Development of “Free Speech” books and materials for adults and children.  
  • Develop relationships with information sources and leveraging these and other relationships with other organizations to develop mutual avenues of distribution.
  • Publish Free Speech Informational News.

Bob JonesFree Speech Coalition Chair

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