CFV Board of Directors



Composition of the Board of Directors and Responsibilities

The Chasing Freedom – Virginia Board of Directors will be composed of an eight (8) member Executive Committee (treasurer and secretary are non-voting), a forty-eight (48) member Coalition Committee and one (1) Advisory Member identified as follows:

 Executive Committee Board Members

  1. Board Chair – Thomas A. Speciale II
  2. Board Vice Chair – Dr. Darrel Smith
  3. Communications Chair – Michael Wendling
  4. Events Committee Chair – Rich Stone 
  5. Membership Chair – Michael Fouche
  6. Political and Legislative Chair – Vacant
  7. Secretary (non-voting) – Vacant
  8. Treasurer (non-voting) – Rich Stone 
  9. Outreach Coalition Committee Chair – Eduard Lavilla

Chasing Freedom - Virginia ByLaws

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