CFV Board of Directors


Composition of the Board of Directors and Responsibilities

The Chasing Freedom – Virginia Board of Directors will be composed of an eight (8) member Executive Committee (treasurer and secretary are non-voting), a forty-eight (48) member Coalition Committee and one (1) Advisory Member identified as follows:

 Executive Committee Board Members

  1. Board Chair – Thomas A. Speciale II
  2. Board Vice Chair – Debbie Cloud
  3. Communications Chair – Michael Wendling
  4. Events Committee Chair – Chris Cloud
  5. Membership Chair – Michael Fouche
  6. Political and Legislative Chair
  7. Secretary (non-voting)
  8. Treasurer (non-voting) – Alicia Gloss

Chasing Freedom - Virginia ByLaws

Thomas A. Speciale II

Thomas A. Speciale II

Board Chair

Tom is a grassroots activist whose passion is the motivating force behind Chasing Freedom – Virginia. He is a career military officer (still serving in the Army Reserves), a devoted husband and father of four and a senior national security contractor. Tom swore an oath in 1987 to protect and defend the United States. Chasing Freedom – Virginia is another front in the battle to save our Commonwealth and ultimately the United States. Tom believes that the deterioration of our nations conservative values and the ideals of our Founding Fathers is at the root of the masaic of problems we are facing as a nation. You can find out more about Tom on his website (

Debbie Cloud

Debbie Cloud

Board Vice Chair

​As strategic consultant, family advocate and professional realtor, Debbie is dedicated to support for healthy families, develop strong community strategies & promote collaborative professional relationships locally, and throughout Virginia.  Debbie with her husband Chris, have multiple endeavors where her operational management and direct experience in a variety of different businesses and industries, brings her unique skills, strategies and negotiating abilities to the table.  She has run family businesses or worked for high-net-worth, individual owners on complicated ventures needing special attention.  Debbie administrated & helped to develop a hands-on patient intervention addressing concerns of dual diagnoses, Autism, c-PTSD and victims of terror.  Debbie is currently working with families in crisis for better outcomes. Turning from her love of medicine, she dedicated her life to empower people individually with passion, knowledge, and purpose.  As an equestrian trainer, parenting instructor, health coach along with her 30 years of strategic consulting for a wide variety of personal and business ventures, Debbie is dedicated to confronting tough, core issues in Virginia to support needed, sustainable solutions.  

Chris Cloud

Chris Cloud

Events Chair

A Virginia native and child of Fauquier, Chris has deep roots in the Northern Piedmont.  After graduating from Fauquier High School his early years were spent in operations of his family’s car businesses. Heading out for a life of adventure, in 1994 Chris struck out to travel the world, attaining a USCG 200-ton Captains license.  He segued from running Yachts to running private islands, learning much about off-grid power, diesel engines, estate, island, and people management. 

Back in the land of his Heritage in 2017, he always seeks opportunities to utilize his unique skillset and dynamic approach to projects, people, rural property, and business development. Chris is actively involved in finding and implementing sustainable solutions, with a focus on philanthropic and rural commercial development.

Coalition Committee Board Members

  1. Faith Coalition Committee Chair –  
  2. Family Coalition Committee Chair – Kimberly Lowe
  3. Free Speech Coalition Committee Chair
  4. Citizen and Candidate Committee Chair
  5. Civil Rights Coalition Committee Chair
  6. Criminal Justice Coalition Committee Chair 
  7. 2nd Amendment Coalition Committee Chair – 
  8. Life Coalition Committee Chair – Angela Clark
  9. Constitution Coalition Committee Chair
  10. National Defense Coalition Committee Chair 
  11. Economic and Business Coalition Committee Chair – Rich Stone
  12. Virginia History Coalition Committee Chair – William Billard
  13. Education Coalition Committee Chair – Patty Pratt
    1.  Education Coalition Committee Board Member – Kimberly Debray
  14. Outreach Coalition Committee Chair
  15. Veterans Coalition Committee Chair – Dr. Darrell Smith
  16. Health Care Coalition Committee Chair – Angela Smiley
  17. Two (2) Board Members from each Coalition (32 total)

Advisory Member (non-voting)

  1. Immediate Past Board Chair



The Board shall act as the administrative arm of CFV and shall conduct all business between regularly scheduled membership meetings. All decisions of The Board shall be made in keeping with the stated rules and best interests of CFV membership.

Oath of Service

The Board takes the following oath prior to taking their office.

“I, ______________ do solemnly swear to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the responsibilities of a citizen of the United States. So help me God.”

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